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Need Help! Just turned 50!

Help, please! I just turned 50 and am searching for a new skincare line for oily/combination skin (infrequent breakouts on chin only), everything from a cleanser to moisturizer, eye cream, etc.  Any suggestions would help!  Thank you!

Re: Need Help! Just turned 50!

Happy Birthday!!!

I second the Murad suggestion

Re: Need Help! Just turned 50!

The Resurgence Line from Murad:


1.Resurgence Renewing Cleanser

2. Resurgence Sheer Lustre Day Lotion-A.M.

3. Reurgence Age Balancing night cream

4. Resurgence Renewing Eye Cream


Hope this helps!

Re: Need Help! Just turned 50!

You absolutely want Clinique's three step system. Use it twice a day to cleanse and help de-age. It's fantastic. Good luck! And congrats on the milestone!s1293836-main-hero.jpg

Re: Need Help! Just turned 50!

Congratulations!  I am not far behind you; I turn 49 next month.  I'm not sure how I'm going to handle the BIG 5-0!  I have oily/combination skin with occasional breakouts as well and have been using Aloette for nearly 20 years with great success.  They have an anti-aging skincare line (pricey) but I haven't started using it yet except for their Lift & Glow Eye Prep which I use in the morning and it seems to help with dark circles and fine lines. 


Sephora carries several lines of anti-aging skincare that are equally well or better.  Several lines carry boxed introductory samples of their products.  This might be an easy way to start.  However, their anti-aging targeted products are sold separately.  Also, when you get into the anti-aging products, you pay big dollars! 


Whatever line you choose, considering your budget, be faithful in your regimen.  I can no longer sleep in my makeup without paying for it the next few days.  I also exfoliate twice a week and use a deep cleansing clay mask once a week.  I have also started getting a facial once a month.  I haven't tried microdermabrasions yet, but I'm sure I will in time when I start showing more lines and wrinkles.


Good luck and hope you get great results.  As my father told my mother when she turned 50, "I hope the second half of your life is as good as the first!"


Re: Need Help! Just turned 50!

no suggestions, just wanted to congratulate you on the milestone!

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