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Need All Suggestions about Anti-aging and Sun damage

Ok, I've sort of asked around but now that I know what I really need to ask...I'm asking....I just turned 30, my skin is dulling (lack of sleep with a newborn and law school!), aging (smile and laugh lines) and showing signs of sun damage (from my teenage years competing in rodeos every weekend with no sunblock). I've always used a moisturizer with SPF but no real skincare regimen. I've been eyeballing the Philosophy Care has most of what I would like to incorporate in a regimen....but I'm not sure if there is something better to address my concerns. I'm not sure any of it would help with correcting my sun damaged cheeks and nose and I'm almost certain I'd need to purchase some sort of night cream with retinol in it. I'm on a $150 or less budget. Kits seem cost effective. Could any one suggest a regimen with specific products?? I have totally confused myself with what I need....AHA, BHA, glycol, retinol.....oy!

Re: Need All Suggestions about Anti-aging and Sun damage

Agree: Murad's Vitamin C line is really good.  I'd also add their Pomegranate Mask twice weekly to soften, smoothe, and mildly exfoliate the skin.  This is truly the best skin I've ever had.  I love that stuff!

Re: Need All Suggestions about Anti-aging and Sun damage

Haha, now you've made me want to try their Pom mask (I've only tried the pore minimizing serum once and it was itchy so I didn't explore further).


I love the Murad Vit C peel, and I'm using the Vit C SPF30 moisturizer with Ole Henriksen Truth Serum right now and quite enjoy it.

Re: Need All Suggestions about Anti-aging and Sun damage

Have never had issues with it!  No stinging or itching.  Love the stuff!

Re: Need All Suggestions about Anti-aging and Sun damage

I would recommend Murad's Essential C Line of products including the Active Radiance Serum. Hope this helps!

Re: Need All Suggestions about Anti-aging and Sun damage

I'm 58 (59 in June), look good for my age (my high school class wants details about my regime), but like you, have sun damage. I have combination sensitive skin and am allergic to petrolatum, propylene glycol, propanediol, and mineral oil. This means cherry picking through a lot of ingredients lists--even within a brand. I use LUSH, Juice Beauty, Paula's Choice, Bare Minerals, Maybelline, Smashbox. I wear full makeup: Smashbox CC cream (love it), Bare Minerals, lipstick & gloss, eye makeup, and blush. Therefore, night cleansing includes makeup removal, battery-operated skin cleansing brush (love it), exfoliating cleanser, rosewater toner (love it), anti-wrinkle serum, skin brightening serum, moisturizer. A couple of times weekly, I use a blueberry or oat mask (LUSH). Many products have helpful ingredients like hyaluronic acid, Vit C, horsetail, AHAs, BHAs, retinol, cold-press castor oil (inexpensive and wonderful, although greasy unless mixed with a lighter moisturizer), grapeseed oil,  olive oil, reservatol. Many products don't have high-enough concentrations of these for the cost, so I read reviews; take hyaluronic acid, horsetail (Silica), Vit A, Vit C, and Evening Primrose oil supplements by mouth (less expensive than cosmetics). You may want to look for hydrating serums and moisturizers. Wear sunglasses and a hat. Drink enough water. Take short power naps. Meditate or pray. Stretch and breathe. Eat fresh fruits and veggies. Congrats on the new baby; good luck in law school!


My favs: LUSH Ultrabland and Maybelline Clean Express (makeup removers); Juice Beauty organic exfoliating cleanser, serum, moisturizer; LUSH moisturizers (Enzymion in summer; heavier ones in winter). This may be totally awful, but every now and then, I sprinkle baking soda in my facial cleanser to smooth and brighten my skin when it seems especially dull.

Re: Need All Suggestions about Anti-aging and Sun damage

Are you allergic to any products and what have you used in the past?

Re: Need All Suggestions about Anti-aging and Sun damage

Check out Ole Henriksen I really like his AM serum (vitamin C), PM treatment (invigorating night gel) & Exfoliator (power peel)

You don't have to stick to one brand when it comes to skin care, just check to see if ingredients interact with each other & you're not over exfoliating. 

For SPF I like the Peter Thomas Roth products (Also really like the PM retinol serum) 

Perricone has a gentle night serum, but it is expensive and smells like fish

dr dennis gross has an AMAZING treatment that can be used 3x a week- every night. They help with discoloration, acne, scars, and have ant-aging properties


Re: Need All Suggestions about Anti-aging and Sun damage

Yay!!  It's never too late to create a simple and easy skincare regime that fits your skin needs and lifestyle.  


I am a fan of Kate Somerville, especially the ExfoliKate Intensive & RetAsphere. I've been using ExfoliKate whenever my skin looks dull and need to bring back the glow (no need to do every week and over exfoliate skin when you don't need to.  it just make your skin sensitive, in my humble opinion).  Gently massage/scrub it till i can't tolerate and leave it on for 5 minutes (let the enzymes eat away my dead skin cells) then wash it off. 

I've been applying RetAsphere every night as a nightly intense serum since I've been noticing fine lines around my eyes and dark pigmentation around my cheekbone and upper lip area.  On 3rd day, I felt my skin around cheeks were a bit sensitive so, didn't use it for a couple of days (I used Ole Henriksen Truth Serum instead to boost collagen level and help with discolouration due to the awesome power of vit c) and once I didn't feel any sensitivity, I went back to RetAsphere.  


Bottom line..

1. Get an awesome scrub/exfoliants to promote healthy skin cell turn over rate.

2. Invest on a high performance serum (contains Retinol or Vit C to target fine lines, discolouration, and increase collagen level.) 

3. opt for a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid (holds moisture) 

4. SPF higher than 30!!  (( i will never ever let another dark spot to appear on my face ever again!! ))   (( also, our skin get extra sensitive to UV lights while using products contain: aha, bha, retinol, vit c, blah blah..))


Keep it beautiful!  




Re: Need All Suggestions about Anti-aging and Sun damage

Hi Rezraveillation, another great starter skin care set to look at is the Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Kit. 


Peter Thomas Roth - Un-Wrinkle® Kit


These products contain antiaging peptides and neuropeptides to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  

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