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Looking for a heavy-duty wrinkle cream that doesn't make me break out.

I'm needing to step up my game with moisturizer (I use an oil-free SPF in the mornings) or moisturizing at night--with a really good wrinkle cream. I need it around my mouth, on my forehead, in between my brows, and under my eyes. What can I use that will work--but that won't make me break out? I have sensitive skin and live in Colorado where it's very dry, especially in the winter. Thank you so much! 

Re: Looking for a heavy-duty wrinkle cream that doesn't make me break out.

Sure, Lylysa. So I wash my face with Cetaphil in the morning and evening. Sometimes I use Yes to Tomatoes, which is a stronger cleanser, at night, but that's maybe once a week. In the morning, I finish with Aveeno moisturizer and Smashbox Photo Finish Light primer (oil-free). I use BareMinerals for my foundation.


At night, after washing, I sometimes use astringent or an alpha hydroxy clarifying potion. I use adapalene on my chin and nose. I use Dr. Brandt Xtend Your Youth lotion around eyes and sometimes mouth, but that's where I'm likely to break out because of the lotion.


Once a week, I do a peel mask, though I'm switching brands soon. Does that help?

Re: Looking for a heavy-duty wrinkle cream that doesn't make me break out.

Not to call your original inquiry for a "heavy-duty wrinkle cream" out, but after seeing that you've uploaded an image of yourself for your profile pic/avatar, I'm not seeing any signs of wrinkles or even fine lines for that type of a moisturizer to treat. By chance were you wanting something merely more preventative/anti-aging? Though it's normal to want to avoid signs of distress and aging on the skin, that doesn't mean that jumping into the deep end of products will ward off those effects. That would be like a teenager trying to use Botox to fight off wrinkles even prior to them existing.


There are many anti-aging ingredients in formulas that may cater to your skin in its current state and by using the proper products you can minimize risks of oversensitizing or overwhelming skin. 


With washing your skin twice a day, by chance when you wake is your skin so oily to the point where it calls for a wash? Overcleansing can be harsh and stripping on the skin, even if you're using a mild or delicate cleanser. If you're in a dry environment and your skin isn't so oily where it needs a wash, cleansing in the morning may be contributing to dryness and making matters worse. 


The Yes to Tomatoes cleanser is one that focuses on oil control/regulation and addressing blemishes/acne, are these concerns or issues your skin is facing? Again, going off your profile picture I'm not seeing blemishes/acne being present in a degree that would call for an all-over product such as a cleanser to be used.


Which alpha hydroxy clarifying potion are you using? Can you detail out the brand/specific name of the product?


How long have you been using the adapalene? Have you consulted with your doctor or skin care professional if there are any ingredients you should/shouldn't be using alongside it through other products? 


How long have you been using the Dr. Brandt lotion? Is it just applied to the areas surrounding the eyes/mouth, if so, is there a particular reason you're just using it in those areas?


Which peel mask do you use?


Re: Looking for a heavy-duty wrinkle cream that doesn't make me break out.

I know some people don't wash in the morning, and I'm leaning toward cutting that routine out, but would I just start to apply moisturizer and makeup without washing? That might take some getting used to.


That photo doesn't show any wrinkles or acne, but those are still a concern. 


Sorry, it's not alpha hydroxy--it's a glycolic acid toner. The brand is DDH.


I've been using the adapalene for years now. A dermatologist prescribed it to me. It seems to work. Mostly. No, I don't know if there are any ingredients that it shouldn't be used in conjunction with. I know it makes you more sensitive to the sun.


Re the Dr. Brandt lotion--not that long. Yes, just on those areas at night because of newly developing wrinkles. 


Right now, I use a mask called Merlot. You can get it at Walgreen's. Other than the peel quality, though, I don't love it, and I'm willing to pay more for something that's better. 

Re: Looking for a heavy-duty wrinkle cream that doesn't make me break out.

Are you certain that the  lotion is the cause for your breakouts? I tried using bare minerals briefly with one of their sampler/starter kits and was glad I didn't waste my money on the full product lineup as it made my skin break out something terrible. The last time that happened to me with makeup or skincare, it was the stuff I tried on at someone's Mary Kay party -  and didn't buy thank goodness! So now I know that two brands are no good for my skin, bare minerals and Mary Kay.

Re: Looking for a heavy-duty wrinkle cream that doesn't make me break out.

Though moisturizing is a crucial step in the skin care process, aside from letting us know you want a product to target wrinkles and cater to sensitive skin is it possible for you to detail out your skin care regimen in full?


Could you share with us all your AM and PM skin care steps/products along with supplementary steps like scrubs/exfoliants, peels, or masks and how often those are used? With sensitive skin, are you aware of the specifics of what your skin is sensitive or reactive to? Could you perhaps give us some examples of instances or products where with use it resulted in a break out or some type of reaction?



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