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Let's talk anti aging for mid 20's

Hi all, this is my first post!


I'm 24 and wanting to make sure I can protect my skin as well as possible because I'm already seeing fine lines!


I want to get to the point where I love my skin. I get breakouts from stress, hormones and diet (normal skin type). I know sunscreen is important but have trouble finding sunscreen that sits nicely under my makeup. My biggest concern is finding good serums that won't cost me 100$ every month!


I used to use the Ole Henrikson Truth Serum during the day, but heard that the 40 carrots serum is really similar and I just ordered it. I am currently using the first aid beauty retinol serum at night, but I find that I have to use two pumps for it to cover my face and neck. I want to make sure I can find something to help me get rid of my fine lines and also prevent further aging signs!


What products are you loving? Why? What is worth the investment? what should I save on?


Lots of love,



Re: Let's talk anti aging for mid 20's

At 24? Wear sunscreen religiously. Prevention is the best strat.


Also if you get acne in your 20s, go to a dermatologist immediately and get a prescription to battle it. It's not worth trying to fix it yourself because you could end up with scars.

Re: Let's talk anti aging for mid 20's

I started using a hydrating eye cream when I was 23-24 and just an spf 15 or 20 every single day (I'm almost 33 and some people think I'm still in my 20's ;)). I now use at least SPF 50rain or shine and I swear that's the best anti-aging investment. I'm currently using avene mineral ultra light hydrating sunscreen lotion spf 50. I just prefer mineral cuz it's more natural plus avene is alcohol and fragrance free. It sits and absorbs very well and I haven't had issues with it disrupting my makeup. 


Also making sure your skin is well hydrated helps. I also avoid heavily fragranced and products with alcohol... alcohol tends to dry my skin..

I'm  not a huge believer in the anti aging products, just good sunscreen, gentle cleanser, toner, hydrating eye cream and moisturizer with a couple drops of Josie Marian Argan oil mixed in during winter, it'll  do the trick, plus the occasional exfoliation and AHAs

Re: Let's talk anti aging for mid 20's

Also tap on your eye cream or use gentle massage motions 

Re: Let's talk anti aging for mid 20's

@Emcvargas I rec going onto and searching their "best of" products and finding what fits in your budget.  I would start with a retinol serum, AHA and Vitamin C.  Best of luck!

Anonymous Insider

Re: Let's talk anti aging for mid 20's

Hello @Emcvargas,


I totally understand the difficulty of finding the perfect sunscreen. There are so many factors to consider, from function to product compatibility to our genes' influence. This is my general rule of thumb when looking for compatible sunscreen.


Dry Skin = Oils/Cream-Based Sunscreen. Avoid alcohol.

Acne-prone Skin = Oil, cream, fragrance, and comedogenic-FREE Sunscreen.

Oily Skin = Water/Gel-Based Sunscreen. Avoid mineral oil and comedogenic ingredients.


Thus, if you wear water-based foundation, then you should avoid oil-based sunscreen since oil and water doesn't mix.

If you're interested, I would recommend Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence 50 SPF. It's water-based, has no white cast, and dries matte.


For serums that focus on fine lines/aging signs, I would seek products that promote hydration and cell turn over rate. Here are some following example ingredients: Ascorbic Acid/L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Astaxanthin, Fermented Filtrate, Niacinamide, Ginseng Root, and Retinoids.

A lot of products are essentially dupes of each other. Specific ratios or substitution of certain ingredients are the sacrifices you could either lose or gain.



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