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I have laugh lines and frown lines but I’m only 15

I’m a 15yr old girl, but I have permanent laugh lines around my mouth and frown lines. Both wrinkles are fine lines, but I don’t have nasal folds where my laugh lines are yet. If you have any advice please help me. I’ve tried drinking more water, using a lot of moisturizer and even face messages for weeks now but still got no results.

Re: I have laugh lines and frown lines but I’m only 15

Since you are so young, it might be a habit of yours that is causing the lines. Do you tend to sleep on your side? When we keep our face pressed down to the side, it can create premature wrinkling. I personally solved the nasolabial line issue by sleeping straight on my back, using a silk pillowcase, and applying eye cream around my mouth also. 

I have laugh lines and frown lines but I’m only 15

At 15, these are pretty unlikely to be due to aging, unless you've had major health problems or crazy amounts of sun damage. This isn't what you're hoping to hear, but I'm afraid it might just be your facial structure. 😔. Have you talked to your parents about it? It's possible that if you look a lot like one of them, that parent went through the same thing. The good news is that your facial structure is going to change anyway. Our facial structure changes a lot in our early 20s, and some people actually look like a totally different person. You may find that one of your parents or aunt's and uncles went through the same thing at your age and it went away when they got older. Alternately, those lines around your mouth might actually turn into dimples at some point. I know it's hard, especially at 15, but try to remember that your face isn't your permanent face yet. Lots of plain girls become beautiful, and more than a few pretty girls become average. Focus on taking good care of your skin, keeping it hydrated, clear, healthy, and protected by sunscreen. That's never the wrong thing to do. Personally, I didn't grow into my nose until I was a bit older, and at 15 I thought it was huge and always would be. But now it's just right for my face. So talk to your family and look through pictures of them at your age and see if it maybe runs in the family, like a growth phase. That will give you a better idea what to expect. I'm guessing that if your whole family was ugly, you would have noticed by now! But whatever you do, if you get super self conscious and decide plastic surgery is the answer, PLEASE wait to do it until you get a little older and get your permanent face, so you know what you're really dealing with. Imagine if I'd gotten the nose job I wanted when I was 15, I'd be stuck with some weird tiny nose my whole life!! You are beautiful, you are fifteen, you will be beautiful, I promise!
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