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I am in my 40's and would like to know what to use for eyes and face, wrinkle and firmness?


Re: I am in my 40's and would like to know what to use for eyes and face, wrinkle and firmness?

I'm 59 and agree with the recommendation for Perricone and Algenist products.  I've been using Perricone's products for years, including supplements,  and I find them to be highly effective.

Re: I am in my 40's and would like to know what to use for eyes and face, wrinkle and firmness?

I'm obsessed with the Tata Harper line.


I use it for acne, my mom (and Dad) use it for anti-aging. That stuff is like botox. But not toxic.


And my mom is 57 and still looks hot. haha It's weird, but since they've both been taking care of their skin, they've been more attracted to each other, and their relationship is better. As their daughter, it's gross to watch them, but I'm glad they still think they look good. Smiley Tongue

Re: I am in my 40's and would like to know what to use for eyes and face, wrinkle and firmness?

There's lots of products and routes you can go, so here's a basic run through and some info to apply to your hunt to build the perfect regimen!


For being in your 40s with wanting to address wrinkles and loss of firmness, take into account other things like skin type. Are you dry, normal, combination, oily, sensitive? Do you have any preferences for products and formulas (example, no parabens or synthetic fragrances) or any allergies/reactions to ingredients (synthetic colors, fragrances, etc.)?


For starters, use a gentle, but effective face wash. Often times cleansers contain sulfates, which are lathering agents that give that nice visual of bubbles and foam, but can also lead to drying out skin if your own skin doesn't take it well or if used in excess. If you have no preference for sulfates and don't mind them, be sure the formula you use has multiple conditioning ingredients to combat the drying affects.


For example, Murad's Refreshing Skin Cleanser:

Hawaiian white ginger, algea extracts, cucumber, and kiwi fruit all help to freshen the skin, boost resiliency and elasticity, and help soothe skin. It's a basic cleanser that also is gentle enough to remove make up. 



If your skin is on the drier or sensitive side, try a cleansing milk like one from Caudelie, which is formulated without sulfates and other synthetics. Cleansing milks are very gentle and this particular formula contains grape seed extract and resveratrol, which is a powerful anti-oxidant (fights environmental and external aggressors that attack the skin and can break down collagen and elastin along with causing discoloring).




Something a step up would be using a gentle glycolic cleanser such as one from Anthony Logistics. It's gel-cream formula helps balance oily, dry, to combination skin and contains glycolic acid (fruit sugars and enzymes that break down dead skin at the surface, help to brighten and even skin tone, and boost healthy cellular regeneration) as well as vitamins A (combats signs of aging) and C (brightens, evens skin tone and is an anti-oxidant), and aloe to soothe.


All these cleansers will help to wash and cleanse skin without stripping it of the actual moisture needed to keep skin balanced.


From there, look into an effective and potent serum or treatment cream. This step will be vital as serums and treatments contain your highest dose of active ingredients to combat issues at hand. 


Peter Thomas Roth is a great line that utilizes retinol to combat all signs of aging, from lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, sagging skin, or discoloration. Retinol is a potent form of vitamin A which increases cellular turnover at a rapid rate, helping to soften lines and wrinkles to diminish their appearance as well as kick start new cell growth so what you're replacing old cells with are fresh and healthy.



They do offer a PM treatment as retinol can be quite potent, even causing slight sensitivity to UV rays (always follow up with at least SPF 20 or 30 if wearing a form of retinol in the sun) and even mild redness. Recently, they did launch a retinol alternative serum which boosts the use of peptides, which work more immediately to soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles.


Peptides work by absorbing into skin and filling in gaps of damaged collagen and elastin, they then plump and swell up, helping to increase supplness and firm the texture of skin. 


Murad's Time Release Retinol Concentrate is a more delicate delivery system for retinol, on a time release scale so you're not overwhelming skin, this formula also contains peptides as well as a powerfum humectant called hyaluronic acid.



Hyaluronic acid is one of many humectants (also referred to as sodium hyaluronate) that helps to bind 1000x it's weight in healthy moisture to skin to increase moisture levels, improve lipid barriers, and soften lines.


Kate Somerville's HydraKate Line Release Serum is great for AM use as it combines multiple peptide complexes, humectants, marine botanicals to firm, tighten, and soften the appearance of aging skin.




Following in the same lines, Kate's line contains a coordinating eye cream contains similar ingredients to help revive the undereye area.




As the skin around and under the eyes is very delicate (avoid applying product directly to the lid unless specified as safe, keep it on the portion under the eye (avoiding the water/lash line, keeping to the orbital bone and up around to the brow bone/ridge).


If you wish to try a retinol for the eye area, try Philosophy's Miracle Worker eye cream, which contains a retinoid, again, a more gentle way to introduce retinol to your system. Start by using it every 3rd night for up to a full week of use, then every other night for another week, then to every night. Gauge your tolerance level, if you break out, suffer a reaction, or severe irritation, stop use.




Perricone also has a day-safe eye cream that helps with lifting and firming the lines and wrinkles with anti-oxidant rich ingredients and complexes, plus it helps with ensuring proper lipid balance in skin.



For a day moisturizer, gauge and see whether a lighter weight lotion or cream will be suitable. If you skin is drier, look for a cream as the texture will help impart more moisture immediately, but also pay attention to ingredients.Be sure your day lotion has at least SPF 15, if not more. You can also find a basic moisturizer without SPF and layer a sunscreen over it.


Ole Henriksen's Express the Truth contains antioxidants, humectants, as well as zinc and copper to boost collagen production in skin. 



Algenist has a day cream with SPF 20 and alguronic acid, vitamin c, and apple extracts to brighten, firm, and soften lines.



Kate Somerville also has a retinol based night cream with is light weight and not heavy. They use time release, encapsulated retinol as to avoid irritation and also seaweed extract and hyaluronic acid to firm skin.



If you want a SPF you can mix with a basic moisturizer, check out brands like La Roche Posay, Shisheido, Clarins, Peter Thomas Roth (who also make excellent sunscreen powders to layer over make up throughout the day to provide constant sun care).


If you want some more info on retinol as well as a break down on alpha and beta hydroxy acids check out:






Re: I am in my 40's and would like to know what to use for eyes and face, wrinkle and firmness?

Ok, not to brag, but, I'm almost 46 and no one would ever guess.  Everyone thinks I'm in my early 30's. With that said, I've tried many many antiaging products and so far, my favorite is from  I use the Resist  line "Retinol Wrinkle Repair" serum at night around my eyes and entire face, because if you do research you'll realize you don't need a separate eye cream/serum.  I follow it with one of her night time moisturizers and her day time moisturizer with SPF.  Then once a week I use Queene Helene Mint Julep Mask, one othe scrubs as well and I use my Clarisonic amost every day with Cerave or Cetaphil facial cleanser.  I also got a sample of Juice's apple peel which I'm loving and may get the extra strength one.  Defintely give Paulaschoice a try. If you're not happy, you have 30days for a full refund.  You can't beat that! Good luck!

Re: I am in my 40's and would like to know what to use for eyes and face, wrinkle and firmness?

I agree with ghkim to look for products with retinol, vit C and antioxidants.  I also look for products with Hyaluronic Acid, which helps improve and prevent wrinkles.  There are lots of products out there that work better with different skin types, so its always helpful to choose products based on their performance on dry or oily skin, etc.  Hope this helps!

Re: I am in my 40's and would like to know what to use for eyes and face, wrinkle and firmness?

What's your skin type?  You might want to read the articles on both Caroline Hirons' and Renee Rouleau's websites.  Fantastic advice and ingredient info on there!

Re: I am in my 40's and would like to know what to use for eyes and face, wrinkle and firmness?

I love using the Timewise Repair set from Mary Kay. This set comes with the following:


Foaming Cleanser, 4.5 oz.
Lifting Serum, 1 fl. oz.
Day Cream Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30, 1.7 oz.
Night Treatment With Retinol, 1.7 oz.
Eye Renewal Cream, .5 oz.


Restore what was lost and lift away the years with this scientifically innovative regimen that proves it’s never too late to help rescue skin from the damage of the past and recapture a vision of youthfulness.


The look of deep lines and wrinkles is reduced.Lifted facial contours appear restored.Youthful volume is recaptured.Even skin tone is revealed.Vital moisture is replenished.


Re: I am in my 40's and would like to know what to use for eyes and face, wrinkle and firmness?

The products from Algenist, Dr. Perricone and Kate Somerville all have great anti-aging products as well as the products from Murad. These are all lines you can look into and get great results.

Hope this helps!

Re: I am in my 40's and would like to know what to use for eyes and face, wrinkle and firmness?

i think probably something with retinol. i use replenix serums. also, look for things like vitamin c, antioxidants, and spf. i use a murad vitamin c cleanser, obagi 20% vitamin c serum, and hourglass mineral primer. at night, i use pevage night cream.

Re: I am in my 40's and would like to know what to use for eyes and face, wrinkle and firmness?

i'm 38 and i really like Eye Hope by Philosophy, and Hope in a jar, some people don't like the smell but i think these are very good creams, especially Eye Hope i actually saw results after about 2 months of use.

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