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How to get rid of those pesky dark circles without concealer?


I currently suffer from seasonal allergies so that I have dark circles year round.

I would say my condition would be moderate, however I drink plenty of water

and get plenty of sleep. I do not have wrinkles nor dryness, so my primary concern

is just addressing the dark circles themselves. Are there any products out there that are specifically created to treat just dark circles?


I've tried AmorePacific, Dr. Brandt, Lancome, etc and these products did nothing for me.


Please help!

Sinus infections and inflamation can be a major culprit o...

Sinus infections and inflamation can be a major culprit of dark circles. You mention allergies so I am going to put all my money on that horse for your cause. I have the same issue and since most allergy medicines make me drowsy and/or other affects which aren't practical for daily use I just have to kind of live with it. I don't think I've ever been entirely rid of my dark circles and mine are actually quite mild at that. I use to stress out over how terrible mine were until I saw photos of what was considered moderate and severe dark circles and then I got a wake up call that I was just being vain. I almost wonder if the dark circles caused by allergies aren't some kind of strange breed of their own because I've tried wonderful concealers that have masked dark circles on friends who have visibly worse circles than mine; and yet? I could always tell to some extent they were there.


I take good care of my skin and I've made peace with reality. I spent a long time chasing the dangling carrot as far as dark circles were concerned and maybe one day I'll find that product that rids them but I've yet to find it. I do everything I can to look the best I possibly can and I accept there are limits to that.


Now that I think of it, this post is probably incredibly unhelpful but perhaps you are able to find something to combat the allergies better than I am able and that might be your golden ticket.



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