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Honest advice on skincare?

Hello there! i've been using a normal moisturizer for quite a while, but as the time pass, I realize that i have some strange wrinkles around my eyes, and that I have some semi-deep wrinkles on my forehead. Should I do something about this now? do you guys have an idea of a product I could use for both problems? the deep wrinkles are on my forehead and between my eyebrows, which makes me look a bit angry! There is so many products out there that I just don't know what to choose, or if i should go with two different products for those two problems. Some peoples might not consider this "bad" because I'm only 17. But if i compare those wrinkles with my mom ones, its actually quite bad! And I would rather get rid of it before it gets too bad, or at least stop / slow down the process. I was actually looking at Lancome Rénergie Lift Multi-Action Eye. Anyone tried that? Thanks for any advice! Smiley Happy I appreciate it <3

Re: Honest advice on skincare?

Oh I forgot to add that I have oily skin! Smiley Happy

Re: Honest advice on skincare?

Well, if you are "too young to have wrinkles", then maybe the wrinkes on your forehead are from different causes? Do you sleep face down or in a way where the pillow leaves creases? Do you frown a lot?


Usually wrinkles come from dehydration or loss of collagen as you age, and the treatment differs depending on the cause. Since that's not your case, then I'm not sure. I do know that a lot of anti-aging moisturizers are very thick/rich, you might be oily enough that you can use an anti-aging serum and skip the moisturizer.

Re: Honest advice on skincare?

I do frown a lot, Im the kind of person that really have lots of emotions haha, so yes I smile and move my face more than the average person, but its funny because when I look at my mom, between my eyebrows, the lines are exactly the same! on one side its more angled, same for my mom! So I guess its really just because I smile and do faces a lot. So yeah, I would really like something against that so that I don't end up with deep lines like my mom. Because my mom right now been trying to get rid of them forever. and nothing been working, so I would rather avoid theses! Scary Smiley Sad

Re: Honest advice on skincare?

They definitely sound like frown lines. I'm in school for nursing but I have a degree in nutrition, I found an article you might find interesting. It's a TCM article. (

I've also had the liberty to try a PTR product called Instant Firmx. It feels like a face lift (not that I've had a face lift) but it pulls your face back, you should go to Sephora & request a sample and see if it helps tighten the area. I used it & had an allergic reaction but I'm sensitive to a lot of products. PTR also has the Firmx for eyes as well

Re: Honest advice on skincare?

Thanks for the advice Smiley Happy Yeah I frown a lot which is a bad habit! But my mom does the exact same thing and I can't help it! Smiley Tongue The only problem is that I'm going to sephora in about 2 months, and well if theres happen to be sales coming, I would like to order a product for my problem right away. since I need nothing else at the moment Smiley Happy Any other peoples got experience with that? Thanks!

Re: Honest advice on skincare?

Could be frown lines, I suggest using antiaging products that are plumping and moisturising like Monsia skincare renewal system. Your skin starts aging in your 20s so it's fine to start a bit early, I did!

Re: Honest advice on skincare?

Thanks for the advice Smiley Happy Did it work well for you? did the effect wears off if you stopped using the product?

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