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Great eye cream for 20s


    I've been looking for a good eyecream for a while, but can't seem to settle on one..

I'm looking for something effective, free of alcohol and parabens (if some companies actually put parabens in eyecreams), and "nicely priced" (not something that cost $100 or above..) 

I noticed that I started having fine lines under my eyes.. and I'm only 22.. which has become a bit of a concern for me.. 

I've used PTR laser free (which has alcohol in them), and a few organic ones that doesn't seem to do anything.. 

It doesn't have to be from Sephora.. 

could someone give me some suggestions?

Re: Great eye cream for 20s

I've tried a lot of different eye creams and the two that I like the best are the Algenist one and the Fresh Lotus Eye gel....

Re: Great eye cream for 20s

Ok, firstly the search on BT sucks, I searched and ended up making my own thread nearly identical to this only yesterday. :/


Anyway, I appreciate all the suggestions everyone is throwing out.

Re: Great eye cream for 20s

There are differences in alcohols,the trick is to know which alcohols are good and which are bad.


Ethanol, SD alcohol, alcohol denat, propanol, propyl alcohol, and isopropyl alcohol are all drying in excessive use since they help to cut down drying time. They're used more so in products to help with prevent skin from feeling too moist or sticky.


Good alcohols are emollient and include lauryl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, myristyl alcohol, steraryl alcohol, cetearyl alcochol, and behenyl alcohol.


I see alcohol denate as listed on your PTR eye cream. Try looking for a more hydrating and conditioning eye cream, not so much one that is filled with high potency treatment ingredients. It's possible that the PTR one isn't rich enough to moisturize as it is deemed a "serum" and generally speaking, the term serum used in skin care denotes a product with a thinner consistency in comparison to a moisturizer, cream, or lotion.


Origins - Eye Doctor™ Moisture Care For Skin Around Eyes


Origins' Eye Doctor is a great basic eye cream that won't break the bank ($35) and has simple factors to target, hydration and soothing the undereye area. Most lines are exacerbated due to the fact skin is thinner at the under eyes and isn't as hydrated as needed. Dry skin/areas are more likely to show lines or crepiness in terms of texture. This eye cream utilizes a healthy alcohol (cetyl alcohol) along with squalane (which also happens to be found in the PTR serum), a triglyceride derived from coconut fatty acid, and antioxidant rich botanicals that also help to soothe skin, all encompassed in a paraben free formula.

Re: Great eye cream for 20s

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen ladies in your 20s!  I used the Clinique All About Eyes (pink bottle) for years and loved it.  Since I was diligent about it and sunscreen, I am only now needing to try something more intense.  I am 45.  



Re: Great eye cream for 20s

I LOVE love love the Algenist brand eye cream.  Feels wonderful on and lessens wrinkles. gives me the results I want

Re: Great eye cream for 20s

Perfect threat for me too! I was going to start a new threat but since I saw this, I think it'd be better to ask here Smiley Happy I'm 21, and I'm petrified right now after noticing the very first wrinkles under my eyes Smiley Sad

Have anyone tried the Dior Hydra Life Pro-Youth Sorbet Eye Crème

I'm very interested in this on, but I'm curious as to whether it works or not.

Re: Great eye cream for 20s

It's definitely on my love list. I just love the sound of it, it sounds so sumptuous & decadent. I don't remember the price, but at age 21 you really don't have to go super hard core with cutting edge (i.e. very expensive) ingredients and technology. I'm glad that you're starting young, that will make all the difference in the world. Save the 'Big Guns' for when you're a bit older. The other key is sunscreen, that can make you or break you. Let me know if you try it and if you do/don't like it, okay. Thanks PinkQ Smiley Happy

Re: Great eye cream for 20s

I'm trying (with ALL of my willpower Smiley Very Happy) to wait until 2014 to buy a new product because I heard someone mentioned about the 2x points January Skincare month Smiley Happy But I'll surely let you know if I ever try this Smiley Wink

Re: Great eye cream for 20s

I heard that too, that's something nice to look forward too. Hope you pick up something great. There's Ole Henrickson CC Eye Cream with SPF, there's a sample of that now, I hope you got one and can try before you buy. Maybe that would be good for you, you'd have eye cream & SPF & Concealer all in one. Not sure what else it does. Let me know if you get it, okay? Thanks. Smiley Happy

Re: Great eye cream for 20s

Ò.Ó …ohhhhh dearrrrr! I just placed an order this morning and totally missed that sample =.= I may have to drive to my sephora store and get a few eye cream samples Smiley Happy

Re: Great eye cream for 20s


I haven't tried Dior, and I think we may be a bit young for it to be necessary. 

(just in my opinion) 

I've tried the Ole Henriksen truth is in the eyes, and I honestly think this is great. the fine lines under my 22yr old's eyes has improved quite a bit in matter of days 

Re: Great eye cream for 20s

I've heard lots of people mentioned the Ole Henrikson line Smiley Happy I have to try this Smiley Very Happy *exciting*

Re: Great eye cream for 20s

I have tried numerous eye creams, even one that cost $150. The one I absolutely love is Philosophy's Miracle Worker Eye Cream. Even though you are only 22, I think you will love this product. It is the only brand that has produced visible results for me (I am 38). Although it is a bit expensive (in my opinion - around $60), I would give it a try. You might also want to try Philosophy's Time in a Bottle facial serum. Again, it is a bit expensive at $74 I believe, but applying this every morning over the past three months has nearly eliminated these two deep lines on my forehead. Many Sephora stores also have pre-packaged samples of the eye cream, and they can make you samples of the serum. If you can score even one pre-packaged sample, you should get nearly 3 weeks worth of daily use. 

Re: Great eye cream for 20s


   Thank you so much for your opinion!! 

That's really helpful Smiley Happy 

By Philosophy miracle worker eye cream, do you mean the Retinoid Repair cream? 

I'll definitely go and check that one out today actually Smiley Happy 

I've only used Philosophy cleansers before, and never thought about the serum. but that's really helpful Smiley Happy

Re: Great eye cream for 20s

Have you tried Clinique's?  I have no idea what it's called but it's in a small pink-ish jar and goes for $26 or thereabouts.


I'll be honest in that I have no idea about what works well since, well, I have nothing to give an indication that the product is working (ie no fine lines yet and no dry skin around there).  However, the Clinique sinks in nicely and doesn't leave a greasy mess behind like so many of the heavier creams.  I stopped using it simply because I'm still looking around for a perfect cream, but in my limited experience, this Clinique one is the best for younger skin.


Currently, I'm using a tube of Cle de Peau.  It does feel nice and sinks in well, but it is pretty heavy.  This coming from me (turning 31 in a few weeks), I'm thinking it might be way too heavy for someone in their 20s.


I'd say that you should get yourself to a Sephora and a high-end dept store (to the order of a Nordstrom or Neiman) so that you can grab a bunch of samples.  Sensitive skin areas like eyes will tell you right away if a product absolutely won't work.

Re: Great eye cream for 20s


   Thank you for your opinion Smiley Happy !!

I actually haven't tried the Clinique pink one

I tried their moisturizer in the pink jar, but not the eyecream Smiley Happy

I actually think thats a great idea to try different samples.. my eye are really sensitive and I had Origins orange bottle irritate me before.. 

Re: Great eye cream for 20s

this thread is right on time!! what are some good ones without spf(i want to use at night?). I have samples of shiseido, dr brandt and a 3rd but none of them wow me. 

Re: Great eye cream for 20s

Hi reflectsgold - I'm glad that the timing of this worked out well for you. I have a number of new eye creams that I haven't tried yet, I just got a little out of control and right now I have so many I can't even decide which to try first. I have a thing about eye creams, I started really young and I'm so glad that I did. Okay......are you ready? This could take a while, it's gonna get wordy, here goes:

1. Philosophy Eye Hope Multi-Tasking - works really well for dark circles and good for puffiness, I like this one a lot, good for day or night - Price .5 oz = $49.00

2. Philosophy Miracle Worker Retinoid Eye Repair Cream - this does a number of things - it's anti-aging, fights dark circles & lines. I really like this one as well and could see a difference in the discoloration/dark circles under my eye and helped the area look smoother. It's a retinoid which can be wonderful, it helps slough off upper layers of skin and nourishes the lower layers. I found that I couldn't use it every day, it left me a little flaky, teenie-tiny flakes, which is because of the 'sloughing'' effect but it shouldn't be that noticeable, so I had do switch this out every few days and use something else.You should wear sunscreen over this, something like Bare Minerals Foundation w/ SPF might do. It did work well and I would recommend it most people don't experience what I did, per Philosophy customer service. Philosophy is one of my favorite brands. .5 oz = $65.00.

3. Clinique All About Eyes - this is interesting since it's a cream-gel formula. Gels are a little more lightweight and 'surfacey' (I mentioned Principle Secret Eye Saver Gel above & like it) This is great if you don't want to go with something too heavy and it gives you the best of both worlds, gel & cream. .5 oz = $30.00

4. Clinique All About Eyes - Rich - Good one day or night, great at night and if you need more moisture, this was very hydrating and comfortable feeling.

Both Clinique's are very gentle and both are .5 oz = $30.00 (there is a larger size, I think it's 1.0 oz = $50.00)

5. Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm - I haven't tried this yet, but I plan on trying it (once I use up some of what I have) This is supposed to be Amazing!! You might want to look this one up, it does many different things and people are loving it. I like that it has the word ''Balm' in the name, makes it seem very soothing & rich. I suggest you only get this if you really need more help than an average cream gives, if not, you could go with something less expensive .5 oz = $65.00

6. Perricone Cold Plasma Eye - Bringing out the big guns here. You should read up on this one too, does tons of things & it sells like mad - I haven't tried this yet - Only get this if you're having more major issues and if you're a bit older and need more help. This is gonna hurt...... .5 oz = $95.00

7. Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Brightening Eye Gel - I haven't tried this but am thinking it might be good, I used Visible Difference Eye Cream for ages, it seems to be discontinued - couldn't find it on their website. Because I loved the eye cream so much I'm suggesting this as a possibility. Lightly moisturizing, fragrance free (Yes!),reduces puffiness and dark circles. .5oz = $34.00


A lot of these are much cheaper if you purchase them as part of a set, also good because then you can try other things.

I'll come back with a few more, but my eyeballs can't see very well through my eyelids. Smiley Wink Super sleepy.

Hope there aren't too many typos and that all of this made some kind of sense. I totally should not be doing this at this time of the morning, but it just seems to work out that way.

Hopefully you're off to a good start. I'll be back though. Smiley Happy

Re: Great eye cream for 20s

Thanks i missed your reply and actually picked up a sample of the algenist today and also the tarte eye cream. i like how the tarte feels and will try out the algenist tomorrow. 

Umm how do i know if its working? LOL

Re: Great eye cream for 20s

Well, it kind of depends.

If you're very young and don't really have much in the way of lines & wrinkles thrn you might not see much of a difference, at that age it's more like preventative medicine, you will thank yourself down the road.

If you have some lines & wrinkles, depending on the products. they should make a some difference, ranging from fair to fairly noticeable difference in a few weeks, some products take longer, also, depending on how severe your issues are. The longer you use various Eye creams and serums, (especially if you're super diligent about using them AM & PM) the more you will notice a difference. It's hard to say exactly how long, everyone is different. But, I think it's more of a thing that you look in the mirror one day and realize, 'Wow!! Holy Cow, my wrinkle look so much better, this is worth the $$ and the effort!!

You could take some good close up pictures, in very good light. Take pics while you're making different faces, smiling can make you see the lines & wrinkles it can also help you identify just how well the particular product you are using works. So, before & after photos should be helpful.

If you decide to use Eye Serums, they go on first, let it soak in a bit and then apply your eye cream. Make sure you only use your ring finer when applying any eye products, the skin around your eye is very thin and the ring finger is known to apply the lightest amount of pressure. You should tap your finger from the inside corner of the eye area to the outside. Tapping or patting is the best way to work it from one side to the other.

I also recommend trying serums & creams separately at first, that way you can see which product is really working. Then you can apply both at the same time, if you like them individually, you should like them together even more. Hope this was helpful and hope you'll come back and let us know how things go. Take care. Smiley Happy

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