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Ferulic Acid and sun protection

The email that Sephora just sent out includes info about Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic + Retinol Fibroblast Anti-Aging Moisturizer. The Ferulic Acid provides sun protection.


I'm wondering if anyone knows to what degree Ferulic Acid protects?

Re: Ferulic Acid and sun protection

Unless we got different emails, the email Sephora sent said it's a day moisturizer and did NOT mention it providing any sun protection whatsoever. There is a big difference.


Some moisturizer contains active/potent ingredients such as retinol that can be rendered ineffective when exposed to sunlight, which is why they are called night time moisturizers. This moisturizer is formulated such that you can benefit from retinol even if you use the moisturizer during the day. For moisturizers that can be used day or night, they are usually just called moisturizers but sometimes marketed as day moisturizers. While some contain antioxidants that combat sun damage and environmental stress, they do NOT provide sun protection and you DO need to wear an SPF over it (the difference is like preventing the problem (spf) and correcting the results). You can wear a "day moisturizer" then a sunscreen over it, or you can wear a moisturizer with SPF.


In short, night cream/moisturizer have ingredients that don't play well with light so they should be used at night. "day" or normal moisturizers can be used night OR day (under SPF). And moisturizer with SPF should be used during the day but depending on the type of sunscreen, it can clog your pore if you use it as your night cream.

Re: Ferulic Acid and sun protection

I should have been more elaborate. I googled Ferulic Acid because of that email and found references to it preventing sun damage.



"The Duke Study found it particularly good for preventing sun damage, and studies elsewhere have demonstrated that exposure to ultraviolet light actually increases the antioxidant power of ferulic acid."



"plays a key role in the plants self preservation mechanism, re-enforcing it's cellular wall strength and protecting it from microbial damage as well as sun damage"



"Ferulic acid belongs to the polyphenolic compounds known as hydroxycinnamic acids, which also includes caffeic acid, p-coumaric acid, and cinnamic acid. These molecules are known to confer cutaneous benefits (J. Cosmet. Sci. 2002;53:321–35). Hydroxycinnamic acids are typically included in sunscreen formulations."



 Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on that.

Re: Ferulic Acid and sun protection

Yes, Ferulic Acid will help prevent/reverse sun damage like Vitamin C, but it does not PROTECT you from the sun. 

Skinceuticals has a serum that has Ferulic Acid in it & has been a favorite in beauty magazines, awards, bloggers... for years! & It plays nice with Retinol and other ingredients 

Re: Ferulic Acid and sun protection

I love that serum -- it's one of my must-haves! (I make a sort of strangled choking sound when click the order button, but it's so worth the cost.) I use it in the morning (with a prescription retinoid at night) and I've never had a problem. I think the Skinceuticals was the forerunner when it came to ferulic acid, and now other brands are catching on. 

Re: Ferulic Acid and sun protection

Since I'm great at making terrible analogies, a talent I don't think I have revealed on BT yet, here I go. In regards to sun protection, the difference between ferulic acid and sunscreen is like the difference between clothe and a shield when a bucket of sharp object is thrown at you. A shield is made to defend against such things, and while clothe are known to be able to protect you from the environment, its effectiveness varies. Just like that, sunscreen is meant for sun protection and while ferulic acid may also protect against sun damage, no one knows how effective because it most likely it also depends on the concentration, which companies almost never reveal.


Regardless of what kind of antioxidant/acid is in your moisturizer, wearing SPF during the day is always recommended. On the off chance that you are allergic to all sunscreens, which was a question someone posted before, then I definitely recommend loading up on antioxidant stuff for day.

Re: Ferulic Acid and sun protection

@beautytester, re: allergies: Perhaps it's possible, but I'm always confused when someone states s/he is allergic to "SPF" (what I assume means all sunscreens). There are chemical sunscreens, there are physical sunscreens,  and I don't know how someone could be allergic to all of these, unless there is a common ingredient to all sunscreen (which I'm too lazy to research). 

Re: Ferulic Acid and sun protection

Most chemical sunscreens are composed of varying combinations/concentration of the same 2-4 ingredients, same with physical. Forgot whom but I think that poster was allergic to a couple ingredients that are pretty much in all sunscreen. I only vaguely remembered it cuz it's the only time I've heard of someone who cannot wear sunscreen, which of course piqued my interest and set off a flurry of googling. =P


Re: Ferulic Acid and sun protection

Ah -- I remember posts like this, but a long (long) time ago. Makes sense! 

Re: Ferulic Acid and sun protection

lol, are we feeling old? nostalgia? "Back in MY days, when BT only had one view and the current website was still in beta version..."


ok I'll stop or I'll start to get stale. XD


ps. I still remember our chat waaay back from the "French" incident. =P

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