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Eye cream recommendations

I'm looking for an eye cream that is good for sensitive eyes. In particular, my lids are getting crepey and saggy and I'd love something that firms. I've tried YSL temps majeur (very moisturizing, did nothing for wrinkles), Sisley (caused milia), Dennis Gross retinol serum (made me dry/itchy), Shiseido bioperformance (nicely moisturizes and did nothing for wrinkles). Does anyone have any recommendations or is it time for an eye lift?

Re: Eye cream recommendations

The kit from Ole that Diana mentioned is really nice. I use the eye gel for when my eyes get puffy and it works well and feels even better after being stored int he fridge (the cooling sensation will help depuff and calm inflammation); however, as a side note, be careful on eye products that aren't specified as being "lid safe", the skin there is especially thin and you don't want to expose it to ingredients that may be too strong and risk irritation.


Boscia's Amino Eye Cream is another great option for sensitive skin. It helps target multiple eye concerns and is a brand that is preservative free and leaves out many synthetics and filler ingredients and relies on botanicals.



Re: Eye cream recommendations

Have you tried gel eye creams instead?

Re: Eye cream recommendations

the dennis gross one is a gel, and i believe i tried a caudalie eye gel in the past. can't remember the exact name. are gels supposed to be better for sensitive eyes?

Re: Eye cream recommendations

Gel creams tend to not be as heavy and run a smaller risk of developing milia, in my opinion. I definitely agree with dianabt's suggestions on Ole Henrikson's line! Smiley Happy

Re: Eye cream recommendations

Hi ghkim,


If you have sensitive eye areas I think all of the ones you tried may have been too harsh and/or even fragrant. Have you looked into Clinique or Ole Henriksen?


The Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel is a great, fast absorbing gel to help depuff, smooth and lift the eye contours (also comes in a great 2 piece kit!)


Ole Henriksen - Ultimate Eye Lift Kit


Or look into the Clinique Anti Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream which is a hydrating and gentle eye cream that lifts, firms, brightens and  smoothes away fine lines:


Clinique - Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream


Try to visit your local store for a sample!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Eye cream recommendations

i haven't tried these - thanks for the rec. are these both ok for the upper lid as well?

Re: Eye cream recommendations

Hi ghkim,


Normally you will want a specific eye cream or gel that is designed for the eye lid- the skin on the lids is slightly thinner and more fragile so you don't want to layer on a product that is too heavy in texture.


Clinique All About Eyes and Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus are both safe for the eye lid:


All About Eyes Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream


So is the Perricone Acyl Glutathione Lid Serum:


Acyl-Glutathione Eye Lid Serum


While the rest are not geared towards or recommended for use on the eye lid, you will be better off using the ones suggested earlier just on the lower eye area.

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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