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Christian Dior Capture Totale products

Yesterday while in the Sephora store, a very sweet Dior Rep sold me the Capture Totale Creme Multi-perfection moisturizer and eye primer too.  Today I am having guilt because it was very expensive.  I am 48, have dark spots, very oily, very sensitive skin.  I also have some discoloration.  The Dior rep said I had dry skin and needed to treat my skin first and then probably would not need a foundation at all.  Anybody have an opinion on the product?  I havent opened and can send back if needed.   

Re: Christian Dior Capture Totale products

I love Dior makeup and fragrance but hate their skincare and the ingredients they use. Dry skin especially needs to use pure ingredients so that the skin gets healed and restored. I have used a deluxe sample of the Capture Totale Multiperfection Concentrated Serum, and the sample was large, it contained .33 oz, which is 1/3rd of the full sized product. It lasted me at least 2 months but nowhere near worth the $135 price tag. It was like layering pure perfume on my face, it is SO heavily fragranced and even though it didnt cause any problems (acne, redness, itching, etc) I didnt see any results either. No reduction in pore size, no increase in moisture or luminosity and no difference in skin texture overall.

Re: Christian Dior Capture Totale products

Hi there,


Just by chance I saw your question! I am in the cosmetic and skincare field, tried many , many products over the years. I worked for Dior for a brief period and that is how I was introduced to thier skincare line and makeup. That being said, I found the most effective skincare products ever, and still use it now. I start with the One Essential, a detoxifying serum that also promotes the Capture Totale work ten times better-this stuff is amazing. The whole Capture Totale line WORKS, use is like she said, and I promise you you will see your skin transform and look more beautiful, even, clear, smooth, wrinkle free. The list goes on!! I learned it is Pharmaceutical grade, maybe this is the reason??


Anyway, do give it a try. I think you will be amazed as the condition of your skin improves ten-fold, I know I was. I realize the products are expensive, believe me it hurts my wallet too. I figure it's my skin, I want to age gracefully and keep it looking the best I possibly can for as long as I possibly can. I am 41 now, have not had the best health habits, nor do I have "good genes", but my skin looks near perfection using this line of products!  


I hope this has helped, I hope Dior sends me a check for this raving review!!!! I doubt it!!!


Good Luck!!

Re: Christian Dior Capture Totale products

Thank you! Like I said, guilt trip!  I needed some affirmation.  I was looking at the foundation, I havent been satisfied with my current foundation, and she told me to skip the foundation and treat my skin. 

Re: Christian Dior Capture Totale products

The Capture Totale line is amazing!! My sister adores it and she has amazing skin. She bought me some for Xmas last year and alleuluia...once I ran out, I went straight to Sephora and bought more. I can't agree more with the first post. It definetly carves a hole in my budget, but for once I can honestly say it was worth it!

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