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Body Wrinkles

I'm only 24 and I have somehow acquired more wrinkles on my body than my face. My morning chest wrinkles have become permanent & I've had lines across my stomach for years.  I've never had any significant weight gain/loss, but these lines across my stomach are ridiculously deep.  I don't want to get anything that's meant for sensitive face wrinkles, because this is very different.  Any product suggestions/ ideas?

Re: Body Wrinkles

Dr. Perricone's Cold Plasma Body would be a great product for you. You can research it to see if it is right for you. Hope this helps!

Re: Body Wrinkles

I like Cold Plasma Body, it helps even skin tone & even plumps a bit. I use it on my legs, chest & neck. I have fine lines on my chest & it does a good job at making them appear smaller. 

If they are really deep, I don't think any OTC product will help, you might want to go see a doctor. 

Re: Body Wrinkles

@dannyc. Does it make the wrinkles smaller, or does it just make them "appear" smaller (as in is the effect temporary, does the wrinkles return when you stop using it)? I've got some knee wrinkles from weight loss that I'd like to get rid of. Thanks!

Re: Body Wrinkles

I use it regularly, so it appears smaller, but the lines on my chest are fine, not deep. 

From what I understand, deep wrinkles cannot be treated OTC. Creams, masks... can make wrinkles appear smaller, but the effects are short-term. (same goes for deep wrinkles on the face) 


Re: Body Wrinkles

It could be that dry skin is a factor -- and possibly sun exposure? I have a friend in her mid 20s that has chest wrinkles, but she tans all the time, so I think the sun is the likely culprit. If you stay out of the sun, and tanning beds, I would try using a really hydrating cream to see if that helps. However, as dannyc pointed out, deep wrinkles cannot be diffused with topical treatments. I would ask a doctor (1) first what s/he thinks the cause is and (2) what s/he recommends doing Smiley Happy

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