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Best "splurge" treatment for my skin for a big night out!I ight?


I have a big event coming up and I am looking for the best "splurge" treatment I could do for my face to plump & improve the tone and texture for the night?  I'm in my 40's with lines, dull & saggy skin....etc.   Thanks!

Howdy, well, I don't know about firming products for sagg...

Howdy, well, I don't know about firming products for sagging, but I have 2 recommendations for the rest.


1. To improve skin tone and texture, a peel would be good. A lot of peels sting or hurt, but Ren F10 enzyme peel does not hurt at all. I have combo skin and that winter, I had raw cheeks and flaky skin, so I got Ren F10 peel to help a bit with hydration. Note I was 21 at the time with pretty good skin so I wasn't especting anything drastic. The day after I used it, my skin was glowing and feel as healthy as a baby's! I didn't know I had dull skin until I saw it glowing like models the next day. I had large pores, flaky skin, and due to the wind, my skin feel raw, fragile and thin. The next day, my skin feel as supple and as healthy as best days in the summer. Now they've come out with a version for mature skin, so I'd suggest you try it for skin texture&tone.


2. For lines, I recommend L'occitane Immortelle moisturizer. My mom asked me to find her some good anti-aging moisturizer. She have oily combination, and most moisturizers are either greasy, or don't really do anything. One day I brought her the Immortelle night cream, and she called me the next day (I was away in college) and said she saw immediate improvement with the cream. She also liked some other stuff I found, but that was the only one she called me the next day about.

Good morning, Miley2!   I think the best splurge for your...

Good morning, Miley2!


I think the best splurge for your skin in light of your upcoming event would be a professional facial by a licensed esthecian.  Such a professional could evaluate your skin and offer customized facial treatments that address your particular needs.  A really good facial should also include a face, neck and shoulder massage and the whole procedure could take anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half.  Your skin should be positively glowing, and the esthecian should be able to answer any questions you may have regarding how to maintain your skin and recommend products that you could use including cleansers, moisturizers and anti-aging serums.


I've always considered professional facials a good investment and I'm not afraid to splurge on products to use at home.  Although I am in my 40's, my skin is oily and prone to hormonal breakouts.  However, it does become a little dry around my mouth and on my chin during the cooler months.  I use the Caudelie skincare line, which is gentle and free of parabens, mineral oils, and artificial ingredients.  You can learn more about the skincare line here:


I also invested in a Clarisonic Mia, which is my Holy Grail cleansing tool.  And although I have dark brown skin, I still believe in  using sunscreen and facial products that contain SPF including the Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer.


Good luck and I hope you enjoy your event!


if you really want to splurge, get a nuskin galvanic spa...

if you really want to splurge, get a nuskin galvanic spa for your face and you will look like you just had a face lift. 

I have a few favorites -    Keeping in mind that these ar...

I have a few favorites - 


Keeping in mind that these are OTC treatment options and although very useful, I think managing expectations of waht is possible is very important. 


I think that amazing skin is worth the effort. A god clinical skin care regimen is important.



I have not been in the sun in over 13 years! LOVE SPF!!! Also - avoid "bad atmosphere" and stay very well hydrated. Also, eat clean and healthy (avoid salt to decrease puffiness) - all shows on your face. Step up your efforts the week BEFORE to make the most of what you have naturally. 


I use PHILOSOPHY Purity in the AM and PM with a clarisonic. I used a prescription retonid every other night most year round. I also have a light amount of Botox 2x year (lasts a long time on me) and have been able to avoid fillers (fish faces are NOT attractive).


I use the Dr. Drennis Gross Extra Strength AB peel on alternate nights away from the retonid. I also have been adding the PHILOSOPHY Triple peel pads 2x week and have really loved the day after effect (and the overall effect too - will likely keep using!). 


I also use whatever eye cream I have on hand (love samples) under my eyes (pat it on) and Ole Henriksen Lifting Eye Gel every night after all else is done!  Plan to sleep 7-8 hours every night - VITAL for looking your best. I love a sleep mask for extra darkness ( never thought I would use them, but occasionally they are lifesavers!) 


But to answer the ???  - and for a SPECIAL EVENT!


For extra oomph - I like the PHILOSOPHY Triple Peel Pads - but I would use them every other day for 4 uses (last one the night before) before the big event. You MUST use an adqueate SPF during the day as you will have some sun sensitivity. 


I also like Givenchy BLACK FOR LIGHT set of masks. You get 9 in the set and they are a bit pricey, but every time I have used them I simply GLOW after and even more the day after. For a really special occiasion - I'd use the day before and the day of about 6 hours prior to the event.  Yep - at 44 - I GLOW - and the mask feels amazing - hydrating & luxurious. 


That is my PLAN. 


And SMILE - nothing ever looks better on anyone!


Good Luck!!!

Hi miley2,  I really love the fresh products. They have e...

Hi miley2,
 I really love the fresh products. They have exfoliaters, anti aging produsts ,eye cream, cleansers, face polish and much more. Plus Fresh has great make up and perfume. They can be a little pricey though. Hope this helps Smiley Happy


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