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Best product(s) for dark age spots

Hi Sephora and all!  I was wondering - what product(s) at Sephora have the best ratings and results for lightening age spots? I'm in my mid thirties and have age spots on my face that I've been trying to lighten now.  I know that it's super important to wear sunscreen and limit time in the sun.  But what else, in addition to that, can I do or what products should I try to lighten age spots?

Thank you.

Re: Best product(s) for dark age spots

There are many ways you can treat hyperpigmentation or dark spots, depending on preferences and sensitivities, that might help steer you in a better direction.


There are many active ingredients used in products to combat and fix areas of darkened/damaged pigmentation which I covered here:


If you aren't as concerned with skin sensitivity, hydroquinone is found in Murad's Spot Lightening Treatment. If you want to go a more delicate route, Ole Heriksen's Truth Serum works with vitamin C, and if you want something a tad more amped up, the Enlighten Me serum from Ole works well too.

Re: Best product(s) for dark age spots

Thank you very much.  I'm going to try Murad's Spot Lightening Treatment. Smiley Happy

Re: Best product(s) for dark age spots

No prob, I've worked with several clients that have used it (including my own mother) and they did see results. Some find it a bit too strong and causes a bit of sensitivity, so be sure to introduce the product slowly into your regimen. Try using it nightly first, maybe every other day for a full week, then gradually into regular nightly use to see how your skin will react. If there are no issues you can use it in the day, but since it's so potent of a product with such active ingredients that are light sensitive, be sure to use a higher grade SPF with it in the mornings. Smiley Happy Best of luck!

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