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Best face products for over 40

I am over 40 and my sensitive skin has JUST settled down enough that I am ready to try something more than a tinted BB cream and blush. Any recommendations for hydrating, but oil free foundation and concealer? How can I get good coverage using these products that looks light and fresh and not cakey?

Re: Best face products for over 40

All the products I am using after about a month is showing much results! I ordered the Kate Sommerville under eye repair for wrinkles and I spoke with a beauty adviser about applying to near the eye where the wrinkles are has anyone tried this? And hope it will help with crows feet Smiley Sad

Re: Best face products for over 40

im not over 40 yet, but I really like the Smashbox hydrating primer. It's moisturizing and helps form a barrier in between skin and foundation/makeup to help keep it from irritating. i don't think it's oil-free though, but it might be worth a try, especially since the small tube is ten bucks.

Re: Best face products for over 40

This is a great product, I finally tried mine and my make up went on real smooth over a moisturizer. Great foundation primer!

Re: Best face products for over 40

I like this foundation. It is medium coverage, build-able and feels moisturizing without feeling cakey. It does contain waxes but not oil as far as I can see aside from tocopherol which is vitamin e oil, an antioxidant that is good for skin.


I would only try one new product at a time to pinpoint any reactions since you are sensitive, just in case. 

Re: Best face products for over 40

I have sensitive skin as well and when I started using these products I broke out some, start out using a half of pump and I am now buying the Kate Sommersville eye creams, they are great! Paying the price as I just ordered it and getting ready to order the face cleanser and face lifting serums. I talked with a beauty adviser and its alright to rotate them, my husband knows I want to look younger and feel younger so hes fine with me spending the money. Between Make up and Face Serums I have actually spent over 1500.00 and still spending. But I won't have to buy anything for a long time as a little does go a long way! I love Sephora!

Re: Best face products for over 40


I am 47 and use all Estee Lauder day and night serums with their moisturizers , make sure to get the night repair complex II it cost me right at 700.00 but its well worth it, in my picture I had not started using it yet, the wrinkle creams I bought for day and one for night has helped all but under the eyes, so I ordered the Kate Summerville under eye treatment from this site witch is not cheap 125.00 along with all the make up I've bought which I only use Sephora eye shadows and Estee Lauder foundation (Tawney color) in number 3 shade and I use the Smashbox concealer under it and the Mascara "They're Real" people ask me if I am in my early to mid 30's. This broke me out some but in any case all products may until your skin gets use to it. I order a lot from this site as they have so many choices and everyone is different (skin type) I am one will buy what works no matter the cost! All this I have spent well over a grand but in 10 years and even now worth every penny! CAM01853.jpgCAM02149.jpgCAM01861.jpgCAM01853.jpgCAM01852.jpg

Re: Best face products for over 40

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you meant $70 not $700, right?

*  Smiley Sad  Estée Lauder does animal testing.  

Re: Best face products for over 40

No, I've spent over 700.00 for all the face serums Smiley Sad They work great!  Most products and drugs are tested on animals before humans. I really can't answer that as I haven't read it but if it works then that's what I am looking for.

Re: Best face products for over 40

There's a really great youtuber called HotandFlashy. She's 50 and does tons of great reviews from high end to drugstore. If your mum is okay with watching some youtube videos then I highly recommend her. Wayne Goss (gossmakeupartist) and Lisa Eldridge also both have some good videos for mature skin. 


I'm not much help products wise even though I'm over 40 I'm still trialing lots of stuff to figure out what works best for me. 

Re: Best face products for over 40

I'm way over 40 with sensitive, pale  skin that is sometimes combo but tends to lean slightly dry side in winter or high summer with the air conditioning. I would say whichever foundation you chose make sure the color match is as exact as possible. So far my best match has been Givenchy Photo Pefexion foundation. I use  either Sephora's #56 brush or their airbrush to apply. I have found that cream blushes work best for me when skin is dry. So far Tarte, Smasbox & NARS cream & powder blush seem to work for me. As for setting powder I use a very light dusting of Too Faced Primed & Poreless.  If you want a highlighter I use the TF Candlelight.


 I hope this helps.


 Good luck.

Re: Best face products for over 40

I took my mom to Sephora for a makeover for Christmas and am buying her the things she liked from the makeover.  She's 65 and has dry skin, but I think she still looked radiant and a lot younger than she is (not a biased daughter talking there, nope).


Anyway, her make-up desires sound pretty close to yours, and she really liked the Make Up Forever HD Foundation and concealer.  The artist used it on her in store and gave her a small sample to try at home.  She liked the consistency when she tried it at home but the color match was slightly off.  So she went to Sephora in JCP and got a sample of another color and really liked it.  It's under the tree for her.  I'm not sure if they're oil-free, but it might be one for you to look at.


As for getting a light coverage and not looking cakey, I recommend using an airbrushed foundation brush so you can use less product.  Also, just a little setting powder goes a long way.

Re: Best face products for over 40

*bump* Any 40+ ladies that can provide some insights?


Unfortunately I'm too young and my mom don't wear makeup so I don't have any advice/experience, but one of my favorite guru on youtube, Wayne Goss sometimes uses older model to demonstrate makeup applications and they look great, so you might be interested in checking those out, both for product and demonstration of application techniques.

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