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Autumn Tea & Sleepless Nights

I've struggled with sleep my whole life...Yes I take prescribed medication for it. and on top of that an as needed medication in case the daily medication doesn't work. however I prefer the natural route like long hot showers & decaf teas...stuff like that. lately I've been hooked on Harney & Sons African Autumn Herbal Tea which is a red tea blend that is drool worthy. I am wondering what others do for natural sleep remedies or does anyone else have any favorite tea suggestions because this sleep struggle is so bad for the skin especially face I have a gaunt look about me tonight, though I also have a cold which doesn't help. I have dark circles under my eyes already the only product I've used so far is Benefit's boing but I still can see the dark circles through a coat of it under my eyes. does anyone have any suggestions for another dark circle concealer as well, that might do the job better. I have to at least appear awake for work on the weekdays. Smiley Sad

Re: Autumn Tea & Sleepless Nights

Well, a nice dose of beauty sleep is def good for anti-aging. ;P


You can find what types of food can make you sleepy if you search online, that + no deadline to panic about + a long hot bath before I go to sleep is almost a guarantee that I will be knocked out solid, and for 2-3hrs longer than usual.


In the winter it's cold when you just get in bed, I have an electric blanket and would turn it on before I brush my teeth so it's nice and toasty and I fall asleep faster. I'm a light sleeper, so noise bothers me and I have an agreement with my downstairs neighbor nothing loud after midnight, and I like to sleep in darkness so I have curtains over the window blinds and ductape/postit over all those tiny bright light on electronics and stuff.

Re: Autumn Tea & Sleepless Nights

I've tried countless eye-creams, and I was beginning to believe that none worked until I tried origins ginzing - its results are almost instant and so dramatic (I'm a bit of an origins convert now - after that I also started using their charcoal mask and exfoliator)

As far as the natural route goes, try taking melatonin. It is from a natural herb, and it works for me

Re: Autumn Tea & Sleepless Nights

oops I put this in the wrong catagory and don't know how to fix it Smiley Sad

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