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Antiaging products?

This has been on my mind for a whille so I decided to just go ahead and ask! Alot of people out there are using antiaging products when they don't even have a wrinkle in sight. For prevention purposes. Does that work. Because if so I am hoping on that train asap! haha But does using antiaging products at a yoounge actually help for further on in life? And If so, What are some face creams, eye creams, etc. That are good? 😄

Re: Antiaging products?

I agree with all fellow "prevention is key" enthusiasts on here. I am 25 years old and have been using aging-prevention products since I was 19. Obviously not all anti-aging products are pertinent when there is not a wrinkle in sight but it's important to remember that changes are happening at the cellular level for a long time before we actually see the results with the naked eye. The types of products I use for anti-aging are:


1. SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN! #1 prevention product

2. Retinol creams. I don't use these every day but they got me through a terrible bought with cystic acne and have since reduced the scars left from it noticeably. 

3. Antioxidant serums (vit C, E, and A)

4. Moisturizer and eye cream (I an always trying different ones, but I always use both)


Also along the lines of prevention remember that it's not just what we apply to our skin, but how we apply it. If I smear eye cream on with my whole hand while pulling my skin in all directions it seems a bit counterproductive. Remember to be gentle with a light touch. I use my ring finger for applying all of my creams (not just to my eyes, but to my face as well). 

Re: Antiaging products?

I always say "Why take a Tylenol when you don't have a headache"?! 😛


It's about the same thing with anti-aging products. Besides for some products (which could be drying and such), using anti-aging creams before your time probably won't do much damage, but it mostly won't help your cause either. To go back to the headache example; are you better off taking a tylenol every morning as a prevention or should you instead make sure you get enough sleep and avoid stress in order to avoid getting them? In the long term, you're definitely better off doing the latter. Same goes with creams. Using anti-wrinkle products before you really need them will not give you the optimal results you're looking for.


The best way to avoid premature aging is definitely sun protection. Make sure to apply a SPF of at least 15 every day (that protects from both UVBs and UVAs), and try to reapply it throughout the day if possible. (For example, if you walk back home into the sun every day, your morning SPF will no longer be effective.)  

The next step is making sure you hydrate your skin super well. Some anti-aging products do also hydrate the skin, but often not as effectively as lotions that are made specifically for that.

Finally, other great ways to push back aging are antioxidants and exfoliation.
If you use an antioxidant cream (that can be used whether you're 15 to 75 yrs old!) you will fight free radicals, this way fighting premature aging and even correcting some of the past damage (fine lines, etc.).
Exfoliating, whether you do it daily or weekly according to the formula you choose, will also fight aging by improving cell renewal.


Overall, protecting, hydrating and preventing are really the best solutions to push back aging. Not only will you have better skin later on, but you will also see immediate results as your skin will be smoother, softer and more radiant. Using products that are best suited for your skin type and condition really is the key to having beautiful skin, today and tomorrow. Don't use anti-aging products before your time, as they will not give you what you really need and thus won't give you the best results (also, they're more expensive!)

However, be careful with the marketing strategies often used by companies. Just because a product says "anti-aging" on it doesn't mean you shouldn't use it; a company could take any regular sunscreen and write anti-aging on the package as sun protection does fight premature aging. But even a  5 years old kid could use it! So just look for products that protect from UVAs and UVBs, that are hydrating and antioxidant and then make sure you exfoliate well, and you're good to glow! 🙂
I didn't mention any particular products in here because there are actually a lot of great ones that do the above, so browse around on the Sephora website or go into your local store to ask some help from a consultant! 🙂

Re: Antiaging products?

I will have to disagree with all due respect but preventing aging starting in your early twenties is going to have a good long term effect. Also in regards to the "headache example" it's easier to get rid of your headache if you take something when it first comes on rather than wait until it hurts really bad and try to get rid of it. Same thing with aging.


Re: Antiaging products?

Prevention is key, yes, but if you're young, you really don't need to be using things labeled "anti-aging" etc. Sunscreen and staying out of the sun and tanning beds will keep years off your skin like no product ever will, or could. A healthy lifestyle (no smoking, a well-rounded diet) will, too. In terms of skincare, using a pH balanced cleanser, a moisturizer for your skin type, SUNSCREEN, and even a basic eye cream once you hit your early to mid 20s -- all of these things are invaluable, more so than any specific product.

Re: Antiaging products?

It's absolutely true that starting a good skin care routine at a young age is very important. Prevention is the key to all of it.

Re: Antiaging products?

Also best thing to remember is the lines you prevent today are the wrinkles you won't have tomorrow!



Re: Antiaging products?

Awesome slogan!

Re: Antiaging products?

Thanks makeup obesessed! Always nice to know there's beauty lovin sister out there.

Re: Antiaging products?

Its so funny, I learned about antiagng products from my mom way back when they weren't that big. She taught me to use Oil of Olay when there was only one formula . I've been using it since I was 14 yrs old, and be been suing something ever since. I go through different phases of anti aging products, but I love cliniques repairwear and the new Oil of Olay formulas. I'm not truly loyal to any one product. Currently I'm using a product from my dermatologist, and I've even given in to some Botox, and I'm 34. My derm told me its all about prevention, as to not let the lines get deep and have to fix the problem instead of preventing it. I had a line on my forehead forming so I had a little filled in. Not too much and definitely movable. Anyway, definitely go for some creams, a night be and a day ne with SPF.

Re: Antiaging products?

I'm also skeptical about products that are supposed to prevent signs of aging, but the only thing I am sure is that exposure to the sun can affect your skin negatively, so sunscreen is a definite must. My favorites include Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream SPF 15 and Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15. As for ingredients that are supposed to help with preventing signs of aging, retinol is a good one, in addition to glycolic acid. Caffeine also makes you look more awake, while Vitamin C is good for brightening purposes. I'm not sure what products to suggest without being sure of your skin type and your priorties. I hope this helps and good luck!

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