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Anti aging/wrinkles for 40s

I am looking more for a birthday present for my mother. She doesn't feel beautiful about herself anymore do to fine lines and wrinkles. I would like opinions on a product I could get for her for her birthday since I know she won't spend the money on herself. She is in her 40s with oily skin. Can someone please help me out?

Re: Anti aging/wrinkles for 40s

Ah, so sweet!  Do you happen to know if her skin tends to be oily, normal, dry, whatnot?


I'm in my 40s with normal-to-dry, sensitive skin.  I'm really loving Algenist right now.  I love that it sinks into my skin ... so many other items I've tried leave a layer on my face that pills up if I rub my fingers over it.  I bought their Anti-Wrinkle collection through Sephora, but that is no longer available.  If you go to Algenist dot com they have it there, as the Anti-Aging set.  I really like it!

Re: Anti aging/wrinkles for 40s

Oily and sensitive

Re: Anti aging/wrinkles for 40s

I'd still recommend Algenist.  A friend of mine with very oily skin uses and loves.  There are some other things to explore though.


Ole Henriksen the Whole Truth Vitamin C Kit could be a good starter, is reasonably priced and good for different skin types.  The Truth line is pretty popular, and I do use the serum and like it a lot.

Re: Anti aging/wrinkles for 40s

Thank you so much. This sounds like it would be a perfect starter

Re: Anti aging/wrinkles for 40s

I'm oily combo and use the Truth serum, I just pat on and it absorbs quickly - may even hold back some oil, so the face isn't oily looking.

Topical vitamin c is good for the skin since the skin actually absorbs it, instead of orally which takes awhile to reach the layers of the skin.


OH's pure truth is very similar, can be used after the truth serum. Believe it has more vitamin a (rosehip) in it. I used it very breify - and seemed to make a small pimple lessen overnight. This is more of an oil.

Re: Anti aging/wrinkles for 40s

Happy birthday to your mom.


First you should tell your mom that skin comes from the inside out, so many times little lines and wrinkles can present if you're dehydrated or malnourished. She should drink lot of water, exercise, take vit C which is necessary for the collagen production in the skin, and use some SPF while outdoors.


As for the beauty product, the best thing I've tried is Lancôme's Genifique, I'm oily as well but I'm not 40 and I don't have any wrinkles yet. This product is light enough and leaves the skin feeling supple, and as is a serum she can use her favorite moisturizer over it.


If you don't have much money you can give her a facial, something you can do monthly and is almost free. You just need a few foil samples: a cleanser, a scrub, a tonic (this can be even hammamelis water), a serum, a face and eye moisturizer.

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