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Anti-aging help

I have been looking here for anti-aging help and all I find is 2 questions from older people. Gals in their 20's and 30's aren't really in need of anti-aging products.  I would say 40 and above is the age where suggestions for anti-aging products. I would like to know if anyone with fine wrinkles and some sagging skin issues has any advise on the products they have tried. Not to be rude but could gals of age and these problems please reply. Thank you and I really don't mean to be disrepectful to the younger gals, just anti-aging seems like it should be for older people and all I see is 20-30's with concerns here.  Thank you for any advise you could offer me! <3

Re: Anti-aging help

Sunday Riley’s Flora face oil. Great anti-aging ingredients.

Re: Anti-aging help

At 55, I do have lived experience of being old!  Take a look at Deciem The Ordinary.  It is unbelievably inexpensive and it is quite effective and has just launched at Sephora. 

help for all ages. ok, first off, I'm 60, but my 38 yo ni...

help for all ages. ok, first off, I'm 60, but my 38 yo niece's skin looks older than mine because she never wore sunscreen except as an afterthought at the beach. I began in my 20s to use sunscreen religiously every day. I was always complimented on my flawless skin. , Speed up 20 years, and for the last 5 years I haven't been as vigilant. I'm telling you those lines and wrinkles burst out overnight. I still don't look 60, and I'm thankful for that, but now I'm looking more at products to do some heavy lifting as well beyond sunscreen. For 20 year olds, do something basic and wear sunscreen. It really is the best anti aging weapon out there. Keep wearing it too.

Im in my 30s but started using preventative products in m...

Im in my 30s but started using preventative products in my late teens, and because I started early just by using sunscreen every day and cleansed my faced every night, most people do think I'm much younger, that being said I think Murads whole age reform line is a great line and Murad being my favorite brand the have a collagen boosting serum that my mom uses who is in her 60s, it's one of those serums that has an immediate tightening of the skin and claims with contiuse use it will produce the benefits you're looking for.

Re: Anti-aging help

Im 25 and have noticeable frown and forehead lines.  God knows what I would look like if I waited until 40 to start anti aging process.


I love amorepacific products.  My mother who is 54 uses Elizabeth Arden prevage serum and ceramide moisturizer.

Re: Anti-aging help

At risk of sounding like an advertisement, I have noticed a significant improvement using Perricone MD Cold

Plasma for fine lines and supplements.  Also OVM addresses firmness and I noticed results right away.  I use Myriad rapid age spot and pigment lightening serum for age spots, treating only the age spots and they were significantly reduced in 2 weeks.  I have tried a variety of products in my 43 years and these have helped me the best.  Good luck and if you have any advice on creepy skin under eyes I would appreciate your input.

Re: Anti-aging help

I'm 41 and I was late to the anti aging skincare game. i wish I had started something  earlier on and cudos to the 20s and 30s gals who are proactive. 


I have noticed a slow but significant difference in texture and firmness with consistent use of glycolic acids, antioxidant serums,Olay regenerist creams, and facial oils. I have started to add Retinol products and have noticed an increased improvement lately. I'm not sure what product of all has made the biggest difference so I am keeping them all in my rotation. 


my products are from all different lines as there are stars and poor performers in every line.



Re: Anti-aging help

I think you are never too young to start using anti aging products.  Someone gave me great advice and said I needed to invest in good eye cream before my 25th birthday.  If I could have afforded it earlier, I would have.  The people in my family do not age well.  That has a lot to do with genetics, I think. At 34, I am probably more wrinkled than your average 34 year old.  If I did not start taking care of my skin around 25, I am sure I would look even older.


I love Lancome products.  The Absolue line has been very great for my skin.  I use three of their serums, Genefique, Vissionaire and Dreamtone (I always use Genefique and I alternate the other two).  Three serums at once seems a little much for me, but I like what they all do.  It does not hurt that I purchase when a GWP is out, so I feel like I am getting a good deal.  If I add what I have spent just on Lancome within the past year, I think they are brilliant with their promos.


It Cosmetics has a complete Anti Aging line with some good products too.


My best advice is get samples before you buy anything.  Just because something works great for one person, it does not mean it will work great for the next.  Hopefully, you can get deluxe samples, because it is hard to get a feel for a product in a foil.

Re: Anti-aging help

I'm 25 and deliberately use anti-aging serums. I've been experimenting a lot with serums as of late and have found by far the best results with anti-aging serums. They contain a ton of good ingredients that do a lot more than just target wrinkles/fine lines. My skin looks healthier, less dehydrated, has more even color, better tone and looks more radiant. No, I don't have wrinkles or fine lines to treat yet- but I can most definitely help to prevent them and get exactly the skincare benefits I want at the same time Smiley Happy 


Just my two cents Smiley Happy I do hope you are able to find a skincare solution that works for you! Great topic for discussion too Smiley Happy

Re: Anti-aging help

Yes, you are treating your skin now whilst simultaneously investing in its future.  Wise woman.  You will wake up one day in your 50s and thank your younger self for being so responsible.

Re: Anti-aging help

I'm barely into my 20's, but my mom is well into her 50's and doesn't look it. There was a recent incident where people thought she was my older sister. Smiley Tongue  She has dry skin, fine lines, and loss of firmness. Her favorite products are from Estee Lauder, especially the Soft Clean Silky Hydrating Lotion, Resilience Lift, and Advanced Night Repair. She also massages her face every day with light tapping and smooth, circular motions to drain the skin while she's applying the creams to her face. 

Re: Anti-aging help

i will throw in my vote for Algenist. i am 49 and still have issues with monthly breakouts and mid-afternoon oiliness. My skin can't take the usual heavy, moisturizing anti-aging products, so it is a challenge. I have only found 2 brands that I can use any  product with no irritation or breakouts--Clinique and Algenist. I have had amazing results from Algenist, and nothing is overly heavy or makes me break out. I like the CLinique but it didn't seem too good at the antiaging part, so i switched right after Christmas. Most other brands, and I have tried a LOT,  at all price points  or stores, make me break out. tried the Neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair but it is highly fragranced and made me break out--is use it on the top of my hands, and it has really helped!!    I agree that the majority of the people here are younger, but everyone needs advice and with luck, everyone will continue to age... Smiley Happy

Re: Anti-aging help

Hey guys I am 18 years old . I was wondering what anti-aging products are good for me. I bought three sample products  one was the truth serum collagen booster. I put that in the morning I think it does me well.Then I have the ole henrisken sheer transformation and invigorating gel. I dont know if its drying out my under eye. What do you guys think I should do? Thank you everybody

Re: Anti-aging help

PM sent just because I feel like that is less blow up Smiley Wink

Blow up = Ramble lol. I feel like I do that.

Re: Anti-aging help

Although I am a newcomer to BT I have been a VIB for several years and I am in my 40's.  I have spent a small fortune (much to my husband's despair) trying to find antiaging products that work and so far I have found several that work wonders although it is not a cheap investment.  Perricone MD Cold Plasma addresses firmness, unevenness, and lines.  His moisturizers are the best. I have recently purchased his OVM and I am as of yet undecided.  Dull skin and dark pigment issues I use Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum, although it smells foul, as does the cold plasma.  I also found using Murad Intensive-C Radiance peel two times a week brightens my skin. Like I said, it is a pretty big investment, but I get alot of mileage out of these products, as they absorb wonderful and go along way.  

Re: Anti-aging help

First of all, I'm not offended as a 30-something.  I understand your point- but I'd argue that women of all ages need to care about anti-aging.  It's just the difference between prevention (where I'm at) vs active treatment. I get carded all the time, and I've been of drinking age for over a decade. I credit my skincare, not my genes.


That said, I'll comment on what I've recommended to my mother (who is in her late 60s, so she certainly qualifies).


She's a huge fan of Shiseido's Bio-Performance line, as well as Murad's retinol products.


I also highly recommend Shiseido's Retinol eye masks and overall retinol facial masks for a quick treatment. My mother couldn't believe how much younger she looked after one treatment. Sadly, those are short-term effects but if you can afford it, go for it.



Re: Anti-aging help

philosophy Eye Hope is a good product, seems to firm the skin under the eyes.

Re: Anti-aging help

Sorry about that, thought I was replying to the post about retinol allergies.  My advice holds except go straight to the Algenist.  The retinol firming serum is incredible as is the firming and lifting eye serum.  I still suggest you give the Korres sleeping facial a


Re: Anti-aging help

If you can't use retinol which is the gold standard in aging skin care, then give Korres Quercetin and Oak line a try.  Quercetin which is derived from oak trees is supposedly close to retinol generally without the side effects.  If you can afford it add the Wild Rose and Vitamin C sleeping mask for use once or twice a week.  You will thank me.  FYI, I'm over 50 and have tried this line and liked it but have replaced it with Algenist  they have a retinol serum in their line which many reviewers with sensitive skin (I don't) claim to use without side effects.


Re: Anti-aging help

@tinderbell1103 - Thanks for opening this line of discussion.  I am 49 and starting to see those fine lines around the eyes and railroad tracks on my forehead along with hooded lids. I appreciate the suggestions from those who have had success with certain products. I'm looking forward to trying them.  I also have oil-control issues, especially in the summertime, and many products that are anti-aging are very hydrating which can cause blemishes.  Other than breakouts, I'm not very sensitive so that helps.


I have found that BB creams are beneficial for more mature skin.  I just started using Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream and have noticed an incredible difference in my allover skintone.  My skin is softer, smoother, lighter, and brighter with a dewy appearance.  I have also noticed that my crows feet and railroad tracks are less noticable.  I feel that BB creams and tinted moisturizers are better for mature skin than foundation.  It's not as heavy and doesn't settle into the lines and creases.


I still would like to find something that lifts the upper lid area and plumps those little tiny lines under my eyes (besides botox).  Keep the suggestions coming!

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