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Anti-aging cream for early '20s.


I'm 21 and was wondering what is a good cream to start using for antiaging. Also, is it bad if I start using antiaging creams so early one?

Re: Anti-aging cream for early '20s.

I've used neutragena for over 10 years. Started using the anti aging face lotion with SPF 15 when I was 24. I haven't had wrinkles yet.  I started using it because i read and was told its never too early. I think though protecting your skin from sun damage is the best bang for your buck. I always use at least 15, and at least 30 in the summer, on the beach. Hope that helps! 

Re: Anti-aging cream for early '20s.

its not too early to start thinking about skincare. i definitely agree on using spf before attacking other skincare concerns. if you're looking for something more than spc, look into antioxident products. clinique makes an awesome superantioxident morning/night moisturizer. I usually use it at night. they come in two skin type: dry vs combo/oily. 

Re: Anti-aging cream for early '20s.

Hi JoanMadison, 


You can use an anti aging cream no problem but you may not see any "results" since you are so oyung an I'm assuing you don't already have wrinkles or lines to treat. This will be more of a preventative measure. Depending on your skin type, use a good hydrating moisturier with an SPF to keep your skin protected daily. 


The Origins A Perfect World with SPF 25 is my favorite and best suggestion for you since it has the uva/uvb protection and also has plenty of age fighting ingredients to keep your skin smooth and soft:


A Perfect World™ SPF 25 Age-Defense Moisturizer with White Tea

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Anti-aging cream for early '20s.

I'm going to back up the others here and stress that you use sunscreen.  Every day.  I am only just now (at thirty) starting to see the signs that I should begin using something more than my everyday products.  Prevention is nine tenths of the battle, I probably wouldn't even be considering anti-aging products right now if I had known to use sunscreen and proper skincare earlier.

Re: Anti-aging cream for early '20s.

Origins Plantscriptions Anti-Aging eye cream is great. I'm 21 also and use it every night before bed. I don't have wrinkles to treat but have noticed a brighter appearance around my eyes. Plus it doesn't cause any stinging/burning so you can take it right up to the lash line.

Re: Anti-aging cream for early '20s.

I totally agree with Diana -- while it's never too early to start thinking about preventative skincare, it will be much more beneficial to you in the long run to focus on keeping your skin moisturized, healthy and out of the sun (rather than using any specific "anti-aging" product). The sun will age your skin prematurely more than anything else (even if you tan easily) -- and no anti-aging product will erase the damage caused by tanning or sun exposure (even if you do not see it right away). It's really great that you're thinking about this now, at 21 -- as BK2006 stated, prevention is key!

Re: Anti-aging cream for early '20s.

swfupload_394465333411649280.jpgThis stuff....This stuff is fantastic, doubles as a moisturizer, helps with smile lines and crow's feet and whatnot, and helps lighten some dark spots.  I'm currently 23 and I've found that anti-aging products have helped with my complexion as well as some small fine lines.  I particularly recommend this stuff because it is comparatively affordable, more gentle than the drug store crap, has nice packaging, and doesn't smell like old lady. Smiley Wink

Re: Anti-aging cream for early '20s.

I'll back up everyone advising you use SPF. Of course, make sure to use it on your neck and chest as well as your face. Perhaps not as obvious, use it on your arms. In my late 40s I looked down and suddenly realized my once-smooth skin was starting to look patchy. And it's harder to treat that skin once it has sun damage. Other than that, it's never too early to start using a retinol to keep good cell turnover and a good antioxidant to protect your cells. You could start with a product that contains vitamin C or Matrixyl. You're on the right track. Starting this now will make a big difference in your skin later on.


Re: Anti-aging cream for early '20s.

Hello everyone!


If you are suggesting SPF rather than anti-aging products (which I totally agree with), can you recommend a product for oily and sensitive skin with easily clogged pores? I've been trying a few SPF day creams (Clinique SPF 35, Boscia Daily Moisturizer SPF 15, and a couple of others), and ALL of them seem to be bad for my pores Smiley Sad

Re: Anti-aging cream for early '20s.

Cetaphil daily moisturizer with SPF is very gentle and doesn't clog pores. 

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