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Anti Aging Eye Cream

I'm 23 years old and I'm wanting to find a great eye cream to start preventing wrinkles/anti aging.  Any suggestions?

hi vmarie12 - you are such a smart girl. The sooner you g...

hi vmarie12 - you are such a smart girl. The sooner you get a good 'prevention' routine going the better. For daytime you should look for something with SPF, I havent tried any really great ones yet. What you should do is invest in a really good pair of sunglasses that have an SPF-ish 'barrier'. Luckily, large frames are in so they'll cover a much larger surface area, wear them as often as you can and especially in the winter time. Avoid blue lenses, historically, they make things worse, found that out the hard way, the optomotrist office said these are great, and they looked great on me. The dermatologist and numerous articles I read said WWHHHAAATTTT?? Don't even.


At night, obviously you don't need an eye cream with SPF. I've tried and forgottenthe names of more eye creams than I care to admit. You don't need to go with hard-core super expensive options at this point. You don't need Perricone or Peter Thomas Roth Laser Resurfacing (nothing against either of those brands, they were just a few names that came to mind) You don't need hard-core ingredients yet. I would save a little $ there and invest it in a good neck cream. Instead of spending $100.00 on one spend $50.00 on each. (just another example, you don't really need to spend $50 of an eye cream yet.


For quite a while I used Principal Secret Eye Saver Gel (they had a program that if you purchased any 'kit' that you designed yourself you'd end up saving a lot of money, I used to get 3 eye saver gels at a time because I knew I loved it and it did end up costing less and I believe you possibly would get a free gift/shipping) This line is by Victoria Principal. It's been around for quite a long while and has had a good following.


I loved Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Eye Cream. Loved it!! Eventually my skin changed though or the ingredients did and it wasn't working as well and caused a little irritation.. I used Philosophy Hope in a Tube in more recent years and like that, if you purchase it in a kit you generally get a better deal - I use their cleanser, Purity Made Simple, and sometimes they'll be a kit with eye cream, cleanser and sometimes a moisturizer.


If you don't mind, I'd like to do a little more research, find out - try to remember names or ones I liked and used for a while. Would you send me a Private Message? I don't want to loose track of this thread, and I often do. I'd really like to try to find you some other great options and then get back to you. Is that okay?


There are also plenty of drugstore brands that are good, products don't always have to be cosmetic counter and above in order to work really well. I do hate to see you throw away money on products/ingredients that you don't yet need just because we've been conditioned to believe we need those really big names. So, hope you''ll send me a PM and I'll do some research. Hope to talk to you again soon. Be well. 🙂

OK I do not normally recommend things on here that Sephor...

OK I do not normally recommend things on here that Sephora does not sell, but I have recently started using Mary Kay Time Wise Anti Aging line and it is absolutely amaaaaaazing. I have never been one to be into BRAND names so I do not really care if it costs $6 or isn't the priciest item on the market. This line WORKS.


In the 2 weeks I have been using the eye cream, moisturizer, cleanser and mask I have seen a tremendous difference in the appearance of my skin --- brighter, more even skin tone, soft and supple, and lines are less. The eye cream feels so good on my skin (and I have searched HIGH AND LOW for a great eye cream) that does not irritate, burn, too thin or too thick. I actually ordered TWO to keep one in my purse for touchups throughout the day when my eyes need a bit of brightening and moisture. Definitely worth it and it is not that expensive - maybe $30 for 5 oz. A little goes a LONG way.

Re: OK I do not normally recommend things on here that Sephor...

Hi hollybd, well, your picture is beautiful, so you're definitely doing something right! I'm also an eye-cream-aholic, always looking for something better, I will have to put the Mary Kay Eye Cream on my short list. I'd get it now but I currently have 4 new eye creams, different brands, that I'm working on. 2 open so far and 2 still sealed. It's QVC's fault, they've had several amazing skincare TSV's with incredible prices that I couldn't pass up (darn them) I also have a few deluxe samples I've gotten from Sephora, one is Bobbi Brown Eye cream, which I'm really liking.

I also used to double up when I found an eye cream that I loved. Sometimes I'd keep one in the fridge, some people say they stay longer that way, although I'm not sure about that. But often carried a spare in my purse, like you do. For quite a while I used Principal Secret Eye Saver Gel, that felt good going on cold from the fridge and I do think it helped a little with AM puffiness, that might just be my imagination.

You never know when something's going to be discontinued so that's another reason it's good to have a back up, gives you time to mourn while you find something new. I know how you feel, I feel bad recommending things that Sephora doesn't sell too, they seem pretty good about it though.

I'm glad you shared this info with us, thanks. Hope we hear from you again, you can update us on your continued progress. 🙂

Hi vmarie12,    Have you tried any Origins eye products?...

Hi vmarie12, 


Have you tried any Origins eye products? A Perfect World for eyes is nice with its velvety texture and antioxidant protection. You may also like the Eye Doctor which is amazing at keeping the eye area hydrated which is key to preventing lines and wrinkles!




Another option to try that is lightweight and great for your age is the Ole Henriksen Fresh Start Eye cream which is lightweight and gentle with more natural ingredients to soften the skin


And the Lancome High Resolution which is fantastic for smoothing, firming and conditioning the delicate skin around the eyes:

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

I'm currently using the extra repair eye cream by Bobbi b...

I'm currently using the extra repair eye cream by Bobbi brown. Like u, I'm in my 20's and want to prevent wrinkles early. I've heard great things about this eye cream, so hopefully it lives up to the hype!
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