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Adding an AHA/BHA Cleanser & Retinol Cream/Serum to my Skincare Routine

Okay, so last week I went to a local salon to get a facial that I had won during their customer appreciation month & it was fantastic. She used an AHA/BHA cleanser telling me that since I have oily skin I could use a stronger cleanser occasionally to slough off those dead skin cells and oils from your face, as well as a retinol cream. After the facial I couldn't believe how soft my face felt and how it was really glowing.  Honestly in the days after my facial my skin looked and felt better.


So now I want to find an AHA/BHA cleanser to use weekly for a deeper clean and I want to get a retinol cream/serum to use nightly. I've read some of the other posts (I even bookmarked Lylysa's post explaining what the differences were in those products) but I’m really not sure which ones to use. I’ve looked at the following:


Cleansers –
MURAD AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser
PTR Glycolic Acid 3 percent Facial Wash


Retinol Treatments –
glow by dr. brandt overnight resurfacing serum
Kate Sommerville Quench Hydrating Face Serum


What are your favorites? What are you using?

Re: Adding an AHA/BHA Cleanser & Retinol Cream/Serum to my Skincare Routine

I think I'm seriously going to have to get the PTR kit. I've decided to amp up my skin care routine so I like the idea of trying some of those other products. I'll have to call my local stores to see if they have it in stock.

I ended up up ordering the Murad Cleanser online along with the Dr Brandt serum. I picked up the ruby laser tech kit that has ruby crystal hydracreme and the overnight resurface serum.  I figured it would let me try both without fully committing. 

Re: Adding an AHA/BHA Cleanser & Retinol Cream/Serum to my Skincare Routine

Cleansers containing AHAs and BHA are not very effective because the AHAs and BHA must be absorbed in the skin to work. Cleansers are washed off before this absorption occurs.

You mention your skin is oily. BHAs are better on oily skin with blackheads/whiteheads. AHAs are better used on thickened, sun-damaged skin where breakouts are not a problem. So determine what your major skin problem is & buy a moisturizer.


I recommend Dr.Dennis Gross Ferulic Acid + Retinol Brightening Solution - It has glycolic acid (AHA) and salicylic acid (BHA) as well as retinol. That's three products in one. AHA/BHA and Retinol. All what you want. And it's a solution/serum so it is left on to penetrate into the skin.

Re: Adding an AHA/BHA Cleanser & Retinol Cream/Serum to my Skincare Routine

The Algenist samples I have are working but they are strong and cumulative so by day 5/10 I felt the sting and backed off. The 1-2-3  punch of retinols and AHA/BHA acids can't be beat though as long as you get them in balance using the right strength that you can tolerate. Be vigilant about your sun protection, as directed, I really got more burn-sensitive. 

I'm using drugstore products ATM because my skin is tender, dryer  and these weaker products are effective for me with no negative side effects. 

I use a BHA cleanser containing salycilic acid by Clean & Clear as a masque in the shower 2x/week

AHA 12% cream souffle by Alpha Hydrox nightly when not doing glycolic, sometimes it also gets sting-y and I have to back it off...

then Boots No7 glycolic home peels 2x/week with the rest period between cycles, as the directions dictate. I also use a weekly moisture masque and steam, I think facial steaming is good to help everyone's products be more effective. Or maybe I'm biased because it feels good Smiley Wink


My skin texture is improving with no side effects and fine lines and enlarged pores are visibly diminishing after 2.5 months on this regimen. I'm sure there's only so much the pores can shrink back to normally but I am impressed, nevertheless. It's as effective as facials for me, with no redness Or irritation.


Once the drugstore products aren't effective anymore, I'll step it up but I'm using a heavier night cream, Korres Greek Yogurt Sleeping Facial because I have gotten some flaking. 


If you are oily, as you say, you might like the lighter texture of the 12% soufflé AhA but I'd recommend a stronger Glycolic to be effective. 

Re: Adding an AHA/BHA Cleanser & Retinol Cream/Serum to my Skincare Routine

Cleansers I haven't used a lots of AHA/BHA, sounds like you have two good options!


I recommend Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Pads (X Strength) - they have acids AND retinol.  I see serious results from these - more even skin, smoothers, smaller pores, better even coloration, fewer blackheads.  I could go on and on.


Retinol - I have been on a mission to try some out.  I love Dr. Brandt Ruby Crystal one in the pink tube.  It's made for day but I used it as a night treatment and LOVED it - left me smoother, plumper skin, SUPER soft.  Really nice!  Just the right amount of moisture, sinks in well, not too much for oily/combo skin. 


I also love ALgenist Firming and Lifting retinol serum.


Murad Retinol (for deep wrinkle) did NOTHING for me even after several weeks, FYI.

Re: Adding an AHA/BHA Cleanser & Retinol Cream/Serum to my Skincare Routine

I've used the PTR cleanser and I really liked it, I used it once a week and it really helped fade acne scars and make my face brighter. Right now I'm using the glycolic acid cleanser from Mario Badescu and I really like it as well, I don't think it's as drying as the PTR.


I've never tried those retinol treatments but I've heard amazing things about the Kate Sommerville once and I would probably chose that one. I am using Help Me by Philosophy and I really like it. It's super gentle and doesn't make my skin irritated or dry at all.


I also recommend getting a good moisturizer because all the retinol and AHAs can irritate at dry skin, especially if you're new to them! Right now I'm using Origins Make a difference treatment and Korres Wild Rose Facial and I have oily skin and it's not heavy at all. 

Re: Adding an AHA/BHA Cleanser & Retinol Cream/Serum to my Skincare Routine

I use SkinCeuticals Retinol 0.5 once a week and AHAs once a week (derma e Evenly Radiant Overnight Peel). Be careful to read any retinol directions carefully, I think I could start mine 3x a week but I found it was too much. I need to build my skin up to it.


I also use MAC Lightful Sofening Lotion which has BHAs sometimes during the week for a little extra exfoliation action. Smiley Happy


Good luch!

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