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A fix for dark circles?

I'm 21 years old and my dark circles have been pretty bad my whole life. Without makeup, I've got total panda eyes. Now that I'm getting a bit older, the veins on my eyelids are very apparent and under my eyes, my pores are really defined and I often notice little broken blood vessels here and there. Is there a product out there that might fix these issues in my skin? 

Re: A fix for dark circles?

Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone! I appreciate them a ton. For my case in particular I was leaning towards more skin care products instead of makeup. I have a good coverup regimen but I'd like to take preventative measures too. I will check into all the suggestions I've gotten here Smiley Very Happy

Re: A fix for dark circles?

Nothing will really completely get rid of dark circles. mine are hereditary and while some have them from lack of sleep those are more temporary. Plenty of water is good for your skin. There are eye creams geared towards that but i haven't found anything to fully hide them which is why i think makeup is a better solution in terms of cover up. hope you find what you need Smiley Happy

Re: A fix for dark circles?

hey there! i have the problem as yours. my eyes have had excessive sun damage and alot of late hours to top that. I tried "Caudalie premier cru eyes" super expensive but it really worked for me. Sephora ladies introduced me to it and am in love with the product. hope it works for you too.Yeah dark circles dont really vanish completely, those creams just make you feel less guilty about them Smiley Wink

Re: A fix for dark circles?

Origins GinZing didn't do much for me besides moisturize. I'm currently using Tarte Eye Treatment which worked amazingly for the first week and has not kept it up, though I'd still recommend it over GinZing. Another one I got as a sample and am thinking of purchasing is Bliss Instant Eye Gel which feels SO smooth and refreshing, and worked at least for the first few days until I ran out! It doesn't have as many reviews, but it might be worth a shot! 

Re: A fix for dark circles?

I cannot believe I ever lived without Shiseido WrinkleResist Eye Cream.


I know you're thinking "but I didn't say anything about wrinkles, I said dark circles!"


I was born with ridiculous dark circles. My parents called me their little raccoon as a child since it looked like I had 2 shiners most of the time.  I've struggled my whole life, tried every concealer under the sun- but still struggled.


Until I tried that cream.  Now I only need one concealer and the circles are covered.  Without makeup, I look better than I ever have.  I highly recommend getting a sample of this- it's that amazing.


Re: A fix for dark circles?

I'm kind of surprised no one has recommended you a corrector. For dark circles you should be using a corrector. It will cancel out any discoloration you have under your eyes. I use the bobbi brown corrector. You seriously need the smallest amount of this.. It's powerful stuff. I also even use it around my nose where I have a lot of redness and I love it. The biggest mistake you can make with this product is using too much though, because it will look cakey and it will crease. But if you use a tiny bit it looks amazing. Just put a thin layer and build up if you need more. Also I use the Laura Mercier secret brightening powder to set that and also be a little more bright under my eyes Smiley Happy

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