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A fix for dark circles?

I'm 21 years old and my dark circles have been pretty bad my whole life. Without makeup, I've got total panda eyes. Now that I'm getting a bit older, the veins on my eyelids are very apparent and under my eyes, my pores are really defined and I often notice little broken blood vessels here and there. Is there a product out there that might fix these issues in my skin? 


Re: A fix for dark circles?

I feel you on the dark circles, ive learned to live with mine so i don't expect to completely cover them but to at least brighten them up. I have a few, the mac highlighter in light boost i like to dab on with other concealers to lighten them- its a soft yellow creamy color. I use the hd mufe concealer and the nars radiant creamy concealer. and i top it whatever i wear with a pink highlighter like maybelline or mac to brighten. set with ben nye banana & cameo powder. if you have trouble with staying power make sure to moisturize under and i would suggest a sample of the SB under eye primer


for pores, UD deslick in the tube is great as well as Porefessional from Benefit. 


For darkness on your lids, i love using UD eden primer to cancel out before applying any eyeshadow. I also alternate with mac soft ochre since its a little more yellow toned. 


hth!! Smiley Happy

Re: A fix for dark circles?

oooh, yes - I love benefits porefessional Smiley Happy

Re: A fix for dark circles?

I never thought eye creams were worth anything until i tried the ORIGINS GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream. I swear by it now! I apply it both under my eye and on my eyelids, and the results are amazing and almost instant...

In my opinion, the tarte concealer has the most coverage from the many concealers that I've tried.

And about the pores, try a pore-refining primer under your foundation.

Re: A fix for dark circles?

Ouh thats the one i use, i love that eye cream for the day time!

which tarte concealer? ive only tried the smooth operator stick one and while it had good coverage it was too thick for me

Re: A fix for dark circles?

the maracuja crease-less concealer. and its a bit shiny, so i put some powder over it (which i do anyhow)

also,the cover fx cream foundation works great for me -

Re: A fix for dark circles?

Il have to look into that. I don't mind shiny either since i have to set all of my concealer with powder. otherwise it will never stay. i feel like i looked into it but didnt find a color match. now i like to mix in my highlights anyway so it might work

Re: A fix for dark circles?

I've been using the ginZing and I really love it! Thanks a bunch for suggesting it to me! 

Re: A fix for dark circles?

Hey there, I know the feeling! I asked a similar question a couple months ago and got alot of helpful advice! Here is the link:



Re: A fix for dark circles?

Oh, and @lylysa posted a link in there as well with very helpful advice. Check it out and hope it helps!

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