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20-something eye cream

I'm 26 and looking for a good under eye cream. I've had dark circles since I was a teenager (thanks for the great genes, mom!) but have been able to relieve that slightly with vitamin e oil and the occassional argan oil. I'm just starting to notice some fine lines under my eyes starting from the inner corners and moving outward, probably minor to most people, but I don't like them and would like to do anything I can to reverse them and possibly prevent them. I'm looking into getting into anti-aging ahead of the curve. Can anyone suggest a good under eye cream for sensitive skin like mine, and perhaps a good overall anti-aging cream?

Re: 20-something eye cream

My absolute favorite right now is the Airelle BERRIMATRIX™
Eye & Lip Treatment with Hyaluronic Acid. It comes in a pocker roller-ball for easy use any time of day. It feels amazing going on, and provides an instant pick-me-up to tired eyes. And the benefits continue to work long and hard for the rest of the day with anti-aging benefits of Maine Blueberries..and it's organic!

Re: 20-something eye cream

Dr. Perricone's Cold Plasma Eye Cream or Caudalie's Premier Cru the Eye Cream. What type of skin do you have in order to suggest a good overall anti-aging cream?

Re: 20-something eye cream

Oops! I missed your second question.


I would suggest a BB cream for you. You can see them here:


I am loving the Tarte. (yes, I'm a bit hooked on the brand at the moment) but when it runs out I may try one of the SmashBox ones.


Hope this helps!

Re: 20-something eye cream


Great suggestions, ashleynne!


One more thing you might try a sample of would be the Tarte Maracuja C-Brighter™ Eye Treatment. I got this for my daughter and she loves it. It's a bestseller and might be a great fit for your age and issues. Check the reviews and sort them to your age to see what you think. It doesn't hurt that the packaging is super cute. Smiley Happy


I've been slathering on my current eye cream so I can try it myself!


Re: 20-something eye cream

Thanks consolvo! I'm a huge tarte fan myself so once I run out of my stock of eyecream this is definitely going to be on my list to try!!! Smiley Happy I definitely encourage them to keep branching out into their own skincare.

Re: 20-something eye cream




Both of thse eyecreams I put above are $30. I wouldn't recommend anything else for less. They are both really good for dark circles/brightening/hydration. You will get your money's worth. These are two really good brands. Top picture is Ginzing from origins. Second is all about eyes from clinique (comes in cream or gel formula).

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