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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

which one???

 so ive been looking into purchasing an acne treatment kit and was wondering which one to buy?

- murad acne complex

- philosophy clear days ahead

-peter thomas roth blemish buster kit

Re: which one???

Here's a break down that might help or at least give some points to consider:


Price and # of products:


PTR kit:

-$35, 5 products


Philosophy kit:

-$38, 4 products


Murad kit:

-$35, 6 products


Obviously weighing that the most bang for your buck is Murad's kit, you get more for the least amount of money, but do consider the type of products in each kit and what you will actually use and are willing to invest the time in incorporating. Regimens are rooted in the ability for one to stick with using items all the way through, not just a "pick and choose/comes as you go" type mentality. So if you get the Murad kit but figure you'll never use 2 or 3 items, you might look into the other two brands.


Items in each kit:



-Face wash, exfoliant, treatment gel, spot treatment, mattifying gel (can be reapplied and used as a primer, even on top of make up)



-Cleanser, overnight pads, spot treatment, moisturizer



-Cleanser, mask, treatment gel, spot treatment, day lotion, night lotion


Hands down, I'm a fan that Murad's kit contains a day and night lotion, often times, those looking to treat acne forget that SPF protection is vital as you're loading skin with so many active and treatment ingredients that skin can be left sensitized and vulnerable. That's where SPF comes in, providing extra day protection I am a fan of the mattifying gel in the PTR kit, it's great for reapplying without relying on powder or blotting sheets, but if oil isn't a major concern, you might not see it as a vital product. The pads in the Philosophy kit are specific to overnight use as to prevent oversensitizing skin in the AM, so this can limit your time frames of treatment.


Ingredient break down:



-The wash is a 2% based salicylic acid cleaner (SA is also a beta hydroxy acid) but is balanced with allantoin and vitamin B5 to keep skin conditioned and not dry out. The exfoliant is also salicylic acid based, but also contains glycolic acids (also known as alpha hydroxy acid) which are fruit enzymes which help to chemically break down dead skin and promote healthy cellular regeneration while brightening/evening skin tone, so it gives a 1-2 punch, allowing for the clearing of acne and dead skin plus warding off post acne marks. It also uses gentle jojoba beads to polish at he surface rather than scratchy particles. The spot treatment is sulphur based, which is great for whiteheads and pustular blemishes as sulphur works quickly to dry out those areas to at least remove the "white head" in a timely manner, there's also a slew of great conditioning ingredients along with brightening ingredients like licorice, glycolic acid, mulberry extract, vitamin E, willowbark extract, grape seed extract, and echinacea. The treatment/clearing gel is going to be your basic salicylic and glycolic acid treatment gel, good for combating a slew of breakouts, from blackheads to whiteheads to the hard, red blemishes that can be tender. The mattifying gel is a dimethicone and silicone rich gel that feels like many primers on the market, it has a slick, silky texture and will help minimize the appearance of pores and also help form a protective layer over sensitive areas that might be too dry. The S/D int he formula absorbs oil to help mattify and can be applied on top of you moisturizer on target areas or used as a primer and even on top of make up to touch up shine throughout the day.



-The face wash contains 1% of salicylic acid along with jojoba beads to gently give a polishing effect to break down dead surface skin, it also contains fruit extracts and hydrogen peroxide, which is used as an added delivery boost to introduce those active ingredients deeper into pores. The moisturizer is also boosted with 1% SA and is oil free as to not risk clogging pores. The overnight pads contain a lower dosage of SA at 0.5%, but contains also glycolic acid and different peptides and niacinamide to improve lipid and moisture levels in skin cells. The spot treatment contains a higher dose of SA at 2%.



-The cleanser is kicked off at 1.5% SA and is also infused with fruit extracts like tangerine, lemon, and lime to brighten, silver citrate is added as an anti-microbial agent to help ward off quicker return of bacteria on skin. The treatment gel contains 1% SA and glycolic acid along with witch hazel, a natural astringent that helps to strengthen cell walls which can help the appearance of pores. The day lotion has SPF 15, a good basic level to have, and contains anti-oxidants to combat free radicals that can damage skin and tea tree oil, a natural ingredient used in combating break outs. The spot treatment contains 3% sulphur, glycolic acid, and SA. The night lotion uses different botanical based extracts to condition skin and prevent it from over drying along with allantoin, algae extract, soy flour, and oat. The mask contains 4% SA and is a clay based mask to really draw out impurities, oil, and blackheads.


PTR is a good balance of incorporating a no-fuss approach with high impact ingredients and also a blend of conditioning ingredients like botanicals to ensure you're not just running your skin into the ground with strong medications. The exfoliant provides both physical and chemical exfoliants without being too harsh or rough on skin, and the spot treatment can also be used on larger areas. The Philosophy kit is much more basic in terms of ingredients used, but the brand relies on the delivery system of incorporating hydrogen peroxide/sodium peroxide to give a deeper introduction of the ingredients into pores to treat. The Murad kit aims to be an inbetween of the three brands, incorporating botanicals and common treatment ingredients and does contain a higher percentage overall of SA being used in their products which can be quite effective but also risk drying skin out depending on one's own tolerance to the ingredient.


Overall, I would opt for either the PTR kit or the Murad kit as both have a good mix of treatment and soothing ingredients plus offer more products. The Murad one is a tad stronger overall, so you might  want to start slow with the PTR depending on how severe your acne is. By chance how often do you break out, what types of break outs do you experience, and about how many blemishes do you get in a month? Factors like this can weigh in on what type of kit to invest in, no need in purchasing a super amped up kit if you're only getting a few pimples here a there, situations like that call better for a spot treatment or treatment product rather than a whole line.


Best of luck!


Re: which one???

I recently tried the philosophy one and it didn't work for me. I think the next one im going to try is murad. It really depends on your skin and how it'll react to products because everyones skin will react differently. So what didnt work for me may work for you. 

Re: which one???

I have used all three brands in one way or another (not the exact kits you are speaking of though) and my favorite it PTR.  I tried the Murad anti blemish and wrinkle for over three months and my skin is worse now than before.  However, people really speak highly of the Murad line for acne.  I was an avid user or PTR anti aging cleanser and it is one of my favorites ever.  


Go with PTR, that's my vote. 

Re: which one???

It's really going to be trial and error to see what works for your skin. Murad is a really good brand and it has cleared up my acne. I don't have any personal experience with the other two kits so i can't help you there. But from using Murad my skin has gone from having 5-10 pimples at any given time to getting just a couple here and there. 

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