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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

stubborn pimples/zits

I have two pimples/zits on my cheeks and NOTHING IS WORKING. I've been using benzoyl peroxide in the morning, and 2% salicylic acid and Tretinoin at night. It's been a few weeks since I got them and they're so stubborn. Those products that I mentioned above don't make a difference. Help!

Re: stubborn pimples/zits

Ohhhhh, Meg! Smiley Tongue

Re: stubborn pimples/zits

This sounds like cystic acne.  Go back to your derm.   I would ask about taking accutane or oral antibiotics.  And DONT pick at it cause if they burst under your skin you have a high chance of crater scars! 

Re: stubborn pimples/zits

The tretinoin takes three months to really work so don't stop it!   your derm/doctor should've explained that and some other facts to you When he/she wrote the prescription.  You use a pea sized amount every second day at night and wash it off in the morning.  you must remember to wash it off and not wear during the day.  It makes you extra photo sensitive so you need to wear a sunscreen during the day During the time you use it and for a period afterward.  

You also should also have been told your skin would potentially initially break out more and then adjust After a couple weeks to a montH and that you would see full results within three to four months of use. 

I agree with a couple people here that you should go back yo your dermatologist if you feel your problem is getting worse, or if the cream is too high or low a dose, but I honestly don't think you've given the retin-a a chance. 


Re: stubborn pimples/zits

I only use tretinoin at night and only on areas that have acne, like my forehead. It helps with my forehead, but not with the two stubborn spots. ;OFIUASDOFJA;SDKLFJ

Re: stubborn pimples/zits

I didn't read through all 44 replies to this, but if you hold a warm compress (aka a very warm washcloth) on them, it brings them to a head faster. That's what I do when I have giant pimples - ha! It may make them look worse temporarily/for a day or two, but they'll come to the surface and heal faster. I usually get them to come to the surface and then obsessively apply salicylic acid treatments every few hours. It dries out the skin around it, unfortunately, and probably isn't the greatest thing for your skin... but it works for me! I like clean and clear's spot treatment in the silver tube with the purple cap Smiley Happy


EDIT - I also use tretinoin, and it took a solid 8+ weeks for it to REALLY clear up my skin. It got worse before it got better. Stick with it, I'm SO glad that I did!

Re: stubborn pimples/zits

I'm so sorry you are suffering with stubborn acne, I am in the same boat.  A couple things that I have tried lately that have made a difference:


Tea Tee Oil: I got it at Trader Joe's for around $6, and this should be used as a spot treatment. I like to use it overnight because I probably couldn't handle the smell all day.


Neosporin: I never would have thought, but my aesthetician recommended it to me, and I put on a tiny bit on a few spots and they were a lot less red; and instead of them being flaky like they usually are, they healed really quickly.


Some things I have been keeping in mind...I was recommended to stay away from Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide, as they are both made for "superficial" acne or breakouts that remain on the surface. It sounds like you are stuggling with adult or hormonal acne, like me.


Good luck! Let us know what ends up working!

Re: stubborn pimples/zits

Kate Somerville's Eradikate has been working for my pimples.  Disclaimer:  I am not on Tretinoin or other prescription acne meds.  But Eradikate has worked like a dream.

Re: stubborn pimples/zits

Honestly, wash your face with head and shoulders classic shampoo instead of regular face wash... Sounds weird, and your skin will dry out a little, but I swear to goodness your acne will improve 1000%

Re: stubborn pimples/zits

Kick it old school and make a paste out of baking soda and water. Use it as a mask and rinse about 10-15 min later. it will take the redness out, reduce inflammation and exfoliate! After u dry its a good time to clean those pores since they will be open and waiting.


Because your skin will now be dry (but smooth) I usually follow up with a homemade moisturizing mask out of avocado, a bit of coconut oil, organic yogurt, and oatmeal. Put that in a blender until u get the texture u want. (Single serve blenders rock for this) Sometimes i cool it in the fridge for a few minutes and put it on. 15 min later rinse And put your fav moisturizer on and enjoy.


Re: stubborn pimples/zits

Benzoyl and Salicylic acid don't do much for me either! I got the Dr. Dennis Gross Sulphur mask, and it's been helpful for me! You can wear it as a traditional mask (10 min), or you can dab it on and leave overnight. 


The Origins 10 Out of Trouble mask is also AMAZING. It has really helped clear up a stubborn breakout on my forehead. 

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