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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

so i just bought a clarisonic, need help!

but i don't know what face wash to use. my skin is dry but then get oily. break outs, black heads, scars

Re: so i just bought a clarisonic, need help!

Technically, you can use any face wash you want to use. Between your dry skin, acne and other problems, I highly recommend you NEVER use foaming products with alcohols or sulfates, and switch over to using cleansing milks like this Clarins one.



Re: so i just bought a clarisonic, need help!

You have made the smartest beauty decision available to us since soap and I believe for years to come.  As a beauty junkie there is little I haven't tried and the only product that I continually come back to over the decades is Philosophy's Purity.  I had oily skin prone to breakout thru my 30's which eventually turned into large pores and combo skin.  I've had my Clarisonic for a number of years.  The changes you will see over the first year will constantly amaze you. 


A trick I've learned recently is to use my Clarisonic in dry brushing (a spa service I tried).  After cleansing and toning wait for your face to dry completely.  Use the gentlest brush Clarisonic has (one you save for this purpose only) and then use it as you normally would when cleansing except the brush and your skin are dry.  Go gently, as a new user you may be applying a little too much pressure when you're cleansing.  I now dry brush my face (I spend 2 minutes but you should start with one), neck, décolleté, hands and anywhere else that is going to be exposed.  After you try this, come back and report to us how your skin felt and looked.  I won't ruin the surprise.  Obviously, you'll have to do this when you have the extra time to let your skin dry completely (for me it can be as long as a half hour but that's the fun you have to look forward in menopause).  Finish with your favorite serum, cream or nothing if you aren't going outside (sunscreen if it's sunny in your house).

Re: so i just bought a clarisonic, need help!

I have a clarisonic and use Cliniques liquid facial soap in mild.  This one cleanses very well without leaving my skin feeling dried out. I highly recommend it!

Re: so i just bought a clarisonic, need help!

Hi R3k3lly0,


Yay, I LOVE my Clarisonic!  Since you're acne prone with combo/dry skin, I'd suggest using it every other day, with a clarifying cleanser, such as the Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser> or the Murad Clarifying Cleanser>   Spot treatments, like wendyomgwar suggested, would also be a great addition to your routine Smiley Happy


Boscia - Detoxifying Black CleanserMurad - Clarifying Cleanser


xo, Mia

Re: so i just bought a clarisonic, need help!

Congrats on the Clarasonic! First of all I would recommend only using your Clarasonic once a day. And I love purity, I have combo skin but I have friends with oily skin that love it as well. For your acne and blackheads you might want to treat them with other products such as serums and spot treatments, even mask for the black heads. Good luck Smiley Happy!

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