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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

short guide to acne and redness for beginners

Small guide for common problems please enjoy 🙂 For blackheads i would say to use a charcoal mask or nose strips. For acne and redness its a little tricky to balance both if you don't already go to a dermatologist i recommend it, they will prescribe you retinal which is great for clearing your face and acne wipes which are not over the counter and are much stronger then ones you can buy at the store. BE CAREFUL WITH THE RETINAL. use a very small amount all over face or your redness with greatly increase. For redness every morning use a light moisturizer, (i use the Tatcha water cream moisturizer) and do NOT forget sunscreen EVERYDAY. For red spots use hydrocortizone, its a strong cream that takes away red spots quickly but be careful as too much can make redness worst. Very small amounts on red spots. If you need a product for redness right away becasue the hydrocortizone is over the counter i would say cortizone ten it helps reduce redness but it can cause breakouts use it for 20 minutes at a time. Holding an icecube on a red spot and or blemish for 15-20 minutes a day goes a long way. The biggest thing i can tell you for redness is do NOT use a variety of products, doing too much with your face will only make things worse keep everything light and always know what you're putting on your face. GOOD LUCK FRIEND. Remember you're not the only one.

Re: short guide to acne and redness for beginners

Nose strips are terrible for your skin. Using them can result in broken capillaries and wrinkles. You're much better off using a product containing BHA to help get rid of the blackheads. Cortisone cream is not something to use haphazardly. It thins the skin over time, and can create more problems than it solves.

Re: short guide to acne and redness for beginners

Yes, thats why you should only use it for 20 minutes at a time like i said. 

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