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Post in Acne-Prone Skin


I have some milia on my face any suggestions on how to get rid of it?

Re: milia

Go to a dermatologist extracting them by yourself is not a good ideal you can cause damage to that area by doing so. They may do extractions in the office and prescribe a medication to help you clear them.Hope this helps!

Re: milia

I went to my family doctor and he prescribed me minocyclin instead of retin-a because I already have really dry skin. The pills are supposed to help the milia go away within a month and if I see improvement but not all gone, for two months And then I no longer have to use them! So far my forehead has cleared up almost completely, and all that is left is the milia along my jaw or *ahem* sideburns area. Not sure if you'd be interested but its working for me so far and I knew I couldn't turn to retain-a because I already suffers from dry sensitive skin!

Re: milia

What exactly is milia and what does it look like? I have tiny white bumps under my eyes that kind of look like whiteheads but nothing happens when I try to squeeze/extract them. I thought maybe it was sun damage but now I'm not so sure.

Re: milia

I always thought I had whiteheads. They were white, hard (didn't puss, but are a little ball of gunck), and couldn't be squeezed out. I was later informed by a dermatologist & multiple estheticians confirm my little white bumps are in fact milia. If you can squeeze it & it's stringy, then it's a whitehead I guess. I hope that helped.

Re: milia

I have suffered from milia & whiteheads my whole life, there is no real way to completely get rid of them, they'll kee coming back. 

I tried microderm from a med spa; 1 full series (8-10 sessions) twice during two seprate winters. It sucked. I peeles & flaked, and was red... They came back after a few months. 

Over exfoliating can cause more to pop up, so you need to find the right balance. 

- I find using retinol (PTR Retinol Fusion PM- a lightweight, oil-free serum) works well to chemically exfoliate the skin & help bring them up to the surface. 

- Then a manual exfoliator like the clarisonic or a gentle scrub can help get rid of the ones on the surface.

- A fruit enzyme exfoliator like AmorePacific Treatment Enzyme Peel helps dissolve dead skin on the surface

- When they are really close to the surface (you can't pick them off when you run your finger nails over, but they aren't deep) I can sometimes get them out with a pin after a steamy shower. Some are more stuborn than others (or just aren't ready, but I want them to be) and I end up bleeding & scaring. It's best to let a Derm extract them. 

Mine are gentics, it takes time to get rid of them, but they always end up coming back. Heavy moisturizers can cause more, but in the winter my skin needs more hydration than a gel moisturizer can give. You can PM me if you have any more questions.  

yes manual removal is the fastest way, they are stuborn a...

yes manual removal is the fastest way, they are stuborn and can be a llitle painful. the best way to prevent more and help the little ones go away is to use a retinol product. you can purchase ones over the counter (store bought) or from your dermatologist. There is a product called ROC that is dependabe. Just look for a retinol (retinoid)  ingrediant.

I have found only one way to get rid of those monsters....

I have found only one way to get rid of those monsters.  After a shower, I pin **bleep** the center and work it out.  If it doesn't come out easily, I use the pin head to push it out. 

An esthitician (sp?) once told me the only way to remove them is to manually remove them. 

I have found that to be true. 

Re: I have found only one way to get rid of those monsters....

does that not leave a scar? and i have a few under my eye area..would this be ok?

I had Milia under my eye some years ago. At the time I sh...

I had Milia under my eye some years ago. At the time I shrugged it off as an unattractive blemish, and ignored it. That was until one morning I woke up and it had vanished as mysteriously as it had appeared.


At the time I had also suffered from a lot of styes. If you aren't familiar with these, you are very lucky. A stye is a little pimple like protrusion on the underside of your lid, which is very uncomfortable. To remedy the styes I had been applying a warm compress of green tea to the eye areas two to three times daily. When I say compress, I mean tea bags.


I would highly recommend this, if you look it up, you will see I am not the only one who recommend this treatment. In addition to getting rid of the milia, it will also prevent it from returning. Consider getting a daily cleanser and face mask with green tea as a main ingredient. The natural acidity and antioxidants also help with aging concerns, dry skin, sunburn and acne.


Good Luck!

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