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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

little bumps under skin/ help with skin care!!

Hi everyone! I have some little bumps under my skin that don't seem to go away! I used to have acne, but it's calmed down and now I just get a 1 or 2 here and there. Right now I am using a Vichy face wash everyday and mask a couple times a week. I used to use a vichy gel water based moisturizer in the morning and night, but I felt it was too much oil on my face along with makeup.  Now in the daytime, I use the Laura Mercier foundation primer, as it is oil free, though it does not really cover up these little bumps. I also use benzol peroxide at night which seems to help a little bit. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could be adding to my skin routine or changing?? Should I be using a moisturizer in the daytime and at night, and only use the primer instead when necessary?  I'm 23 and I want to be done with this and have nice clear skin! Thank you!! 

Re: little bumps under skin/ help with skin care!!

Wow. Something you're using is definitely reacting to your skin. Do you remember what you added before the bumps appeared?

Re: little bumps under skin/ help with skin care!!

I am 40 and am still waiting for clear skin. If you have not done so yet, you may want to go to a dermatologist. They may be able to you find out what these bumps are. You can also stop by Sephora and they can help you pick out some products to try.

Re: little bumps under skin/ help with skin care!!

I'm right with ya, missey. 46 and still waiting for clear skin.

Re: little bumps under skin/ help with skin care!!

@Beautytester sounds like mystery bumps right?!?! 


I've tried everything for those "mystery bumps" which are basically just congested pores, and gave up. In December when I was getting a microderm treatment I asked the Dr for a Retin A prescription. 2 months in and I've noticed a huge difference on my forehead & jaw line which is where they normally pop up for me. 

I think even if you have oily skin you should still be using a moisturizer both day & night. Primer isn't a skincare treatment, it's usually just silicones to help even out skin texture & help makeup last longer. 

Re: little bumps under skin/ help with skin care!!

Is your benzoyl peroxide 5%? If it works, try finding one that's 10% or ask your doctor.


You might have something called sebaceous hyperplasia, caused by over productive oil glands. "These oil glands can become enlarged and clogged in a very specific manner, displaying a soft or firm white or yellowish outer rim with a depressed center. The depressed center of these bumps is one of the primary ways you can tell you're dealing with sebaceous hyperplasia, and not with something else such as a whitehead (milia)." -beautypedia

Re: little bumps under skin/ help with skin care!!

Ironic that you asked about this, since I was dealing with this last year with another skin care treatment!  Smiley Happy  Those bumps are called "milia".  They are like pimples, but instead of blocked pores, they are just globs of dead skin cells buried so deep under the skin that they can only be removed professionally or with a very slow, cautious undertaking involving a sterilized needle or lance. All the exfoliation or pimple meds in the world won't bring them to the surface, and trying to pop them will only scar.  The reason you get them is from either too much or too rich of product on your face.  For example, I got them within 2 nights of using Fresh Ancienne cream around my eyes and forehead.  My dermatologist lanced them all within like 30 seconds and they completely disappeared.  But she also charged me $300 for that visit, so I've learned to cautiously remove them myself with alcohol and a sharp needle.  I can't recommend that method if you haven't tried it before, and I'm certainly not a professional!  ha ha  Google "milia" and you'll get lots more advice and info.  Hope that helps!  Smiley Happy

Re: little bumps under skin/ help with skin care!!

Even with oily skin, you should moisturize both morning and night. Primer is makeup that will just allow foundation to stay on longer and smoother. For moisturizer, even Neutrogena will work (I have a white bottle that is oil-free for sensitive), until you can figure out the bumps. The bumps may be still be acne..are they white and just below the surface without redness?
 Mario Badescu makes a drying cream made for under the surface bumps..not at Sephora, but Nordstrom, Ulta etc.


I recently went to a dermatologist and was given Aczone, it's not benzyol peroxide - even through I've used it in the past - it's a different treatment. I haven't started Aczone yet, but you may want to talk to a dermatologist - I even received a sample - Aczone dot com

Re: little bumps under skin/ help with skin care!!

Oh - I forgot to mention: good exfoliation will help prevent milia, (like daily clarisonic and weekly glycolic acid or lactic acid gentle peels) and after they're removed will help your skin get back to normal.  So that's not to say exfoliation won't help.  It just won't get rid of them once you have them - you can scrub your face with a copper scrubbie used for kitchen pans and it won't clear those puppies! 

Re: little bumps under skin/ help with skin care!!

I have these, and it's basically abnormal amounts of sebum under the skin (for whatever reason, stress, hormones, reaction to birth control, diet, etc.). For me, I find I have a lot less of them when I cut out milk from my diet and take care of myself, such as good skincare and sleeping longer. 


Skincare-wise, I would recommend exfoliating with salicylic acid. Find a good acne mask and cleanser that have salicylic acid in them, and use them regularly in your nighttime routine. The bumps will eventually shrink away, or come to a very small head. 


Re: little bumps under skin/ help with skin care!!

Thanks so much everyone!! I am thinking of changing the products I am using( face wash, toner and exfoliator ) but I'm not sure what to switch to as there so many options!! And I tend to have sensitive skin so I don't really want my face getting worse withe more pimples from a new product. As for the primer, i use it very often just with a light sephora pressed powder on top, but stopped using moisturizer underneath cause it got too oily! However, I really need a new moisturizer! Are there any good ones that you would recommended ? I looked it up on sephora but there are so many! Even for oil-free which I need, and for a morning and night time one. I've been thinking of going to a dermatologist , but my siblings have went and they just prescribed a bunch a stuff that didn't really help them, so I may go for a good facial soon which is always nice! Thanks !

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