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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

hormonal acne problem

what would the best way to treat hormonal breakouts on my chin? maybe a specific priduct that could help me deal with my acne?


RE: hormonal acne problem

I’ve been using curology and it’s cleared my acne.

If you're not currently taking birth control, that would...

If you're not currently taking birth control, that would probably be the first step any doctor would suggest you take to decrease hormonally related break outs. If you're already taking birth control, I'd suggest asking your doctor about Spironolactone. I take it for acne and it works really well while having pretty minor side effects. It blocks androgen (male hormone) receptors in your body and also decreases the production of androgens. Androgens cause your body to produce sebum (the oily substance you get on your face) so if you decrease the production of androgens and block androgen receptors, your skin will be less oily and you will break out less. It's really cheap, too. It's a diuretic, though, so it will make you pee like crazy, which is the only bad side effect I've noticed.

Re: If you're not currently taking birth control, that would...

Thank you so much:)

I had the same problem for years.  I have been using Mura...

I had the same problem for years.  I have been using Murad's line for acne and I have had no more problems with acne.  I highly recommend purchasing the starter kit for acne to see if it works for you, especially if you have oily skin.



Spectro deep poor vanishing creme is fantastic! If you have sensitive skin you can get the 2.5% one but I always use the 5% one to get the job done. It dries up the blemish in about 2-4 days depending on the severity of it. However, you will get some flakiness in the area so make sure you just dot it right on the acne and use a good/rich moisturizer in the morning to get rid of flakes!

I am prescribed Aldactone (Spironolactone) for acne by my...

I am prescribed Aldactone (Spironolactone) for acne by my dermatologist, and I have never used a better acne treatment. I suggest this because you describe your acne as "hormonal." Aldactone is a hormone, specifically a male hormone antagonist, that can be used to treat acne in women. I'm not totally clear on the endocrine mechanism, but it works by reducing the excessive oil production that gives you acne in the first place. I haven't had a breakout since I started using it a few years ago. I can sleep in my makeup, neglect washing my face regularly, you name it, and I don't break out. In fact, as long as I don't have makeup on I consider washing my face at night to be optional thanks to Aldactone. For me, it's a godsend, an honest-to-God cure. I know it works because if I stop taking it I will generally break out within 72 hours.


Might be something to ask your dermatologist about if you're looking for a real long-term solution. 

Re: I am prescribed Aldactone (Spironolactone) for acne by my...

I have the same issue. Also, on the same med! I'm noticing the soap and 'lotion(haha) leave my skin sooo thirsty. So I am trying FRESH - Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner

Before using the lotion. Any lotion/serum/oil you can use? 

May I ask old you are? Cause their are differently types...

May I ask old you are? Cause their are differently types of hormonal problems that cause acne. Pre menses, menstruation, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and even pre menopause. I am a nutrition nursing major and have had my share of breakouts so I have done a lot of research. All of these situations cause a spike or plummet in hormones creating an imbalance which will affect your skin.

If your really young and your just starting to change then I would recommend creating a good skin care system twice a day and before and after workouts. WE DO NOT LIKE TO HEAR THIS BUT DIET HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH HOW WILL LOOK AND FEEL ON THE OUTSIDE. OUR SKIN IS THE  LARGEST ORGAN OF THE BODY SO OF COURSE IT WOULD BE AFFECT. Certain food can can create a hormonal imbalance and should be avoided. Coffee and other products that contain large amounts of caffeine, and milk and dairy products. ALSO HIGHLY ACIDIC AND SUGARY PRODUCTS SUCH AS COFFEE AND SODA WREAK HAVOC ON YOUR SKIN. So start to get good eating and workout habits sweating does wonders for the skin as long as you clean your face immediately after sweating.

If your older and menstruate and have severe hormonal acne I would so to the doctor to check and make sure you do not PCOS. This will help you better understand what is or isn't the problem. I would also recommend the above dietary and workout habits that I mentioned before.

If much older and going through pre menopause. A doctor can help you manage your hormone imbalance sometimes through birth control or other hormone replacements. But I can not reiterate enough the importance of diet and daily activity along with good cleansing habits.

I had to make some dietary sacrifices. Some that I love. Coffee with horizon organic chocolate milk 😞 I miss sooooooooo much) and black teas. I drink strictly water with lime or lemon, un-sweetgreen tea, and if I have juice I cut in half with filtered water.

I say a small sacrifice for good skin

The best things I've found for acne, whether it's hormona...

The best things I've found for acne, whether it's hormonal or not, is a gentle cleanser, a good BHA product, occasional use of a benzoyl peroxide, and a moisturizer that's not too heavy for your skin type.


Things to look for: fragrance free, no menthol, eucalyptus, mint, or other "stimulating" fragrances or oils. Those things just make you think something's going on, but do nothing for your skin. It's all a marketing lie. Foaming cleansers? Pffft. Not any better than ones that don't foam.  BHA, also known as beta hydroxy acid, or salicylic acid, is essential to keeping your pores cleaned out and minimizing breakouts. The trouble is finding one that is at the right PH, and without a lot of extra garbage. Paula's Choice has some excellent ones, as well as good, basic cleansers. Bare Escentuals has some good cleansers as well. 


Benzoyl peroxide products are pretty easily found, in 2.5% and 5% strengths. If you use the stronger one, you run the risk of excessively drying your skin out, and getting flaky patches. Oh, and it'll bleach any fabric it comes in contact with, so be careful. Paula's Choice also has some good moisturizers, but you can find equaly good ones at the drugstore, such as the Regenerist line, and some Neutrogena products, as well as the Bare Escentuals line of moisturizers. Look for fragrance free versions, 'cause who really needs a face full of perfume that you'll be smelling all day.  🙂

I have the same problem!  I am intrested if anyone else h...

I have the same problem!  I am intrested if anyone else has a solution!  I find that spot treating them with benzoyl peroxide works to get rid of them once they arrive but I do NOT know how to stop them from making an appearance on my face!  It's common in your 20s to get hormonal acne around your chin and jaw.  Still doesn't make them fun.

For my acne I use neutrogena Oil-Free Stress reflief Face...

For my acne I use neutrogena Oil-Free Stress reflief Face Scurb (night and Day) along with a clearisil topical cream that contains benzoyl perxiode! Hope it helps!

Do you mean "hormonal" in terms of adolescent b...

Do you mean "hormonal" in terms of adolescent blemishes...or monthly break-outs...or "hormonal" as in pre-menopausal cystic acne?  I think they are different animals in terms of how to control them.  Can you update your post with more info??

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