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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

forehead full of small bumps, acne

i've always had small bumps on my forehead and i have quote oily skin. I started using the clarisonic brush about a week and a half ago twice a day with the acne cleanser the kit came with, and it has made my acne worse! my questions are


- should i only use my clarisonic at night rather than twice a day?

- should i use a different cleanser with it, and what kind of cleaner would help my oily acne prone skin?


thank you!!

hello, i would say once a day at night... since you can r...

hello, i would say once a day at night... since you can really get all of that dirt that has collected in your skin after the day. too much exfoliatioon can irritate your skin and cause you to break out. As for a cleanser, any cleanser should work, i really don't think it matters, as long as it is suited to your skin type. keep in mind, with such deep cleansing, your skin can purge, which means it will get temporarily worse, but your skin will soon be better than it was before. the purging can last anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending on your skin. If you have always had those bumps, try any form of retinol. it seems like you have clogged pores. you can get philosophy help me retinol, roc retinol from the drugstore, or retin-a which is a stringer dose of retinol prescribed from your doctor. it is usually targeted toreverse signs of aging but it works wonders for acne, blackeheads, clogged pores, and excess sebum. retinols will help reduce over time, and retin-a will purge you but give more noticeable results a little faster(personally i went with retin-a and have never regretted it). a good clanser for oily, acne prone skin(same as mine)  is aveeno clear complexion foamingg cleanser with 10% salicylic acid. it comes out as a foam and will prevent irritation. hope i helped you! 🙂

When I first bought the Clarisonic acne kit, first of all...

When I first bought the Clarisonic acne kit, first of all, I just used it once a day. I didn't know the directions stated twice a day, but I continue to use it once a day at night because I find it odd to wash your face so clean in the morning and then pile on sunscreen and makeup on top. I just don't want that penetrating my skin after deep cleansing. Second of all, when I received my Mia2, I hadn't finished using my original cleanser, so I had planned on continuing to use my Dermadoctor's Ain't Misbehavin' AHA/BHA Cleanser. When I finished using the cleanser, I tried using the acne cleanser that came with the Mia2 and it just didn't feel right with me for some reason. Call it instinct. Call it a feeling. I don't know. Anyway, Dermadoctor's cleanser is good for oily skin, but it doesn't dry your skin out and turn it into a flaky, patchy mess. I would agree with a previous person, stating that the Clarisonic can cause your skin to purge, like my skin had, but the purging period shouldn't last that long. I would also invest in an acne spot treatment. While the acne brushhead alone may be a miracle for some, I believe that having an existing acne regimen, in addition to the Clarisonic, is more effective in the long run. I hope this helps and good luck!

It could be a "purging" your skin is experiencing as it i...

It could be a "purging" your skin is experiencing as it is relatively early in the use of your Clarisonic.


Try giving it a bit more time so your skin can adjust to your new regimen and do try switching it to using it once a day and see if that has any effect.


Glycolic acid can be found in Peter Thomas Roth's Anti-Aging gel cleanser (which also has beta hydroxy, aka salicylic acid, to treat break outs), his regular gycolic facial wash, and Anthony Logistics for Men's glycolic face wash. I'm currently using the Anthony one and I love it, it's super gentle and helps to brighten skin so it helps fade acne scars and gently exfoliates skin without harsh scrubbing agents. Glycolic acids are fruit sugars (alpha hydroxy acids) which help to smooth and brighten skin.



It's sorta controversial among dermatologist. I would ver...

It's sorta controversial among dermatologist. I would very much suggest using it once a day, or every other day because the acne might be due to irritation.


After cleansing and towel dry, does your face feel clean? when you smile does it feel tight:? does it feel dry/flaky/cracked? Your face should feel clean, a tiny bit tight like it's firm is ok, but if it definitely feel tight, or looks dry/flaky/cracked, switch to a milder cleanser. Clarasonic works the cleanser into your skin better, so you don't need a heavy duty cleanser. Try Fresh Soy or Boscia or some milk or gel cleanser if your skin is dry. My favorite cleanser of all time is Peter Thomas Roth anti-aging one, but it's expensive, and you might not need it if other changes provides you with good results.

You should only use a Clarisonic three to five times a we...

You should only use a Clarisonic three to five times a week, preferably not when you have active breakouts because it spreads bacteria. I recommend a cleanser with glycolic acid. 

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