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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

extractor for hormonal acne? treatments?

So, I've read that there's really nothing you can do to prevent hormonal acne. It happens, and I know that time of the month is near as soon as a huge zit or two pops up on my chin.


My problem is that I'm really, really bad about leaving them be. I'll be good for a couple days, applying some salicylic treatment and just letting it be... then it gets even bigger forms a whitehead and is ready to pop, and I can't stop myself! I know, gross, and it's the last thing I should do because while at least it's FLAT, I have two big red marks on my face now and some broken skin.


My question is: Is it okay to use those comedone extractors, like the kind Sephora sells, on hormonal acne? Is it the better way to pop those suckers?


Or is there some other treatment that really works on hormonal acne? I actually tried that Origins spot treatment... I liked it okay because it brought everything to the surface literally overnight and made for super easy, painless popping, but the product packaging was AWFUL (too much would always come out, and I'd go through a bottle really quickly, such a waste). Any suggestions?

Re: extractor for hormonal acne? treatments?

I so feel your pain! I have Dermatillomania so I'm constantly picking as well as get hormonal acne. I purchased some of those extractors and I think they do more damage than good. I'd say, if you're going to pop- do the cloth and finger method. In order to calm the acne I'd chug water like its your job and take an omega 3 vitamin or flax seed oil. In terms of treatments, I've heard GREAT things about the Glam Glow Masks. Just use it as a spot treatment and that should last you ages. Its in a jard so you can control how much you use. 

Re: extractor for hormonal acne? treatments?

Those big ones... leave them alone!  They heal faster and are easier to conceal if you don't try to pop or pick at them.


I second the suggestion for the Glam Glow Mask.  I use it as a spot treatment and it definitely reduces the cysts life span.


I also used to use a sulfur spot treatment like this one.  It was a miracle worker for me until my skin suddenly developed a tolerance.

(I don't know why the picture isn't showing up but the link takes you to the right product.)

Re: extractor for hormonal acne? treatments?

Ugh...I get hormone-induced spots as well. I know it has already been mentioned, but I wanted to say that I also use Glam Glow, and it is the very best mask I have ever used. I shortens the life of existing pimples, and if I get to an area that is about to get a big cyst fast enough, it doesn't even surface!


Also Mario Badescu buffering lotion is excellent. I put it on nightly on any spot I might have. I also put it on after I wash off the Glam Glow mask. Unfortunately, this brand isn't sold here. 

Re: extractor for hormonal acne? treatments?

I'm not a fan of extractors. I have one from Tweezerman and it's the only tool from them I've ever disliked. (Everything else has been rave-worthy.) The metal loop is actually quite small on both sides, so it's really only good for smaller clogged pores and small white heads and even then I can do the job better with just my fingertips. (Icky, I know.) 

Extractors hurt more than fingertips and I don't think they're any more "safe" or better for your skin, at least in my opinion. 

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