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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

any sugestions for acne scars?

i have pretty mild acne scars on my face chest and back. i was looking for a treatment to fade them so i checked out the pigment correcting serum by ole henriksen. right now i use kiehls blue herbal cleanser to wash my face, boscia clear complexion tonic as a toner and my sample of tarte pure maracuja oil as a moisturizer. if u have any suggestions or ideas please reply because its summer now and i don't want to be walking on the beach in my bathing suit and have every body see my back covered in acne scars. wow, that was a really long sentence ha-ha.anyways please help!!!!

Re: any sugestions for acne scars?

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha/beta pads would be great to help with your acne scars. Hope this helps!

Re: any sugestions for acne scars?

Check out a product called Mederma.  It is a scar fading cream that can be found at stores like Target.  It worked very well for me on scars on my hand and arm.  I'm not sure if it is intended for use on the face, so look into that before trying.  Alsom if you do decide to try it, make sure you ge the brand name and not the store brand version.  I found that brand name worked much better for me that the store brand equivalent.

Re: any sugestions for acne scars?

thanks for your advice arielaaaaaaaaa

Re: any sugestions for acne scars?

i basically made up a dream skincare routine. i would use boscia black warming cleanser to clean my face, my toner that i already mentioned above, ole henriksen vitamin c serum, and for a moisturizer i would use the philosophy vitamin c powder mixed in with the tarte maracuja oil. for a mask i would also use korres vitamin c sleep facial. if anybody knows anything about these products or suggestions from my post above please let me know!!!!

Re: any sugestions for acne scars?

The Boscia cleanser is good for oily skin. Too drying for me. I do like the OH serum! It does help brighten my skin along with the Korres sleeping facial! I use them almost every night. I have really bad acne scars! For some reason my skin has been going crazy and i haven't done anything different so those are helping to fade my scars! I'm not sure what will help best for the scars on you back. Maybe going to a spa and getting a treatment done on your back would help. I know when i went to cosmetology school the estheticians did back facials and things like that. For your face i would say look into OH Power Peel. It really jumpstarts my skin to help my scars fade a whole lot faster!

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