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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

am i allergic to my makeup?

 Hi there,


I wanted to ask how I can figure out if I am allergic to my makeup.



So I've been having pimples for a while- and this is new to me. I usually have one every month or so. Now every day I have a few bumps on my face that soon turn into pimples, while also having whiteheads, it's a whole process.


I realize that up until 3 years ago I didn't wear any foundation or concealer. Just some eyeliner and mascara at most. At this time my face was clear like I said the occasional pimple every blue moon, my main issue was always skin discoloration.


I've used MAC products in the last three years. I tried their foundations and I always seemed to have a color match issue. I now use their mineralize concealer and this has been since April 2012. I am curious if the acne is related to my makeup.


To be honest- up until a few months ago I never used makeup brushes, just my hands. I didn't ensure my hands were clean immediately before applying and I didn't use a face primer.  I wonder if this contributed to my skin dilemna. 


I noticed this last week that I put concealer on my trouble spots - chin, left cheek, left eyebrow. And almost daily I have new bumps starting to form and pimples replace the old ones, it's a cycle. I wonder if this is because I am putting the makeup there?!


My cleansing routine is good and I do ensure to take my makeup off properly every night.



Also in regards to Smashbox- I tried their foundation first time about three years ago-color match was the issue. Loved their tinted moisturizer but I broke out heavily during that week trial. Recently I tried their foundation again just a spot test at Sephora and within 2 hours I had a pimple starting out in that exact spot.


Can someone PLEASE shed light on this? I am curious if these make up brands in particular are causing these break outs.


If so- what's my solution?


Are there other brands I can try? Or should I just go natural for a while and hopefully the breakouts stop and I can deal with skin discoloration. I would hate to go naked on my face for a while if I am allergic to makeup in general but in the end I have learned it's better to have some skin discoloration and look blah then look done up and breaking out Smiley Sad


I currently have MAC foundation, concealer and a Smashbox tester at home that I can play with to see if they are causing it. if someone can suggest how to go about this that would be great!



Also---> I have a big project at work this week and I MUST wear concealer- is there a way to wear it without breaking out in the mean time?


Sorry for all the questions but you people are way more helpful then the makeup artists i come across sometimes.

Hey sorry to hear about this. I've had those problems, ex...

Hey sorry to hear about this. I've had those problems, except sometimes my face would break out into painful itchy, burning patches. I would go honestly talk to a dermotologist, maybe isolate the source. I use benefit and never ever use liquid foundation. Especially for oily skin prone to breakouts, I would look for hypoallergenic, dermotologist tested powder makeups. clinique is good, but don't experiment with your entire face. Best of luck!

hmm, well, several things: 1. Always apply make up onto c...

hmm, well, several things:

1. Always apply make up onto clean face using clean hand, sponge or brush (it's ok to reuse powder brush, but sponge or brush for liquid stuff like foundation can breed bacteria when left alone, which is why I usually have several sets of brush).

2. It might have something to do with diet or age. There was about half year when I was 21 where my skin is absolutely flawless, I mean the kind you see on magazine after being airbrushed. No bumps/acne, small pores, no spots or redness, no oily or dry flaky skin, just dewy. But then my skin changed, I start getting bumps, bigger pores, rougher skin etc etc, things that apparently people call aging (especially since I live in Texas as a teen, but didn't wear any SPF). I had to change skincare to tailor to my dry or oily skin. When I cut out all oily and spicy food and start to only eat fresh fruit, raw veggies like cucumber/celery/carrot, and fish (mostly cuz I'm too lazy to cook), my skin got better.

3. Cross check ingredients of all makeup you think you are allergic to. Instead of being allergic to certain brands, you may be allergic to certain ingredients. Some people on here break out when using products with any oil, some are allergic to dimethicone, a derivative of sillicone used in many moisturizer/serum/primer/foundation. Try Clinique, which is proud of making sure their products don't produce allergic reaction; Try natural brands like Tarte, Korres, or Josie Maran, so if you are allergic to some chemical this should help.


Lastly, have you tried any concealer with acne solution in them? like Clinique acne solution concealer? this way you are treating acne and concealing it at the same time.

Acne Solutions Clearing Concealer

Face primer will make foundation look better and last longer, but it won't eliminate your breakout if it contains the same ingredients in the breakout foundation u r using.

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