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Does anyone know how I can get rid of this hormonal acne?

Re: acne

Hey there! Treating acne is a long game sometimes, but it is doable! Most of the time I recommend four things for my acne clients, and usually have them start slow. 


1. Moisture barrier work- lightweight moisturizer and a ceramide serum keep the skin from overreacting when you start using actives. I like the hya moisturizer from Sephora collection and Inkey's ceramide night treatment.


2. Zinc based sunscreen - zinc is actually helpful in acne bc it is a necessary part of the immune system but is often deficient in clients dealing with acne. I really like the Supergoop powder sunscreens- all zinc based, easy to reapply throughout the day, lightly mattify and multiple shades to choose from


3. Gentle exfoliation - lactic acid tends to be safe for most skin tones and concerns, but azelaic acid is great for reactive skin. Skinfix has a cleanser that has all the goodies (BHA, niacinamide, and azelaic) in it for acne but they also have an awesome kit in that same collection. 


4. Retinol- this is the gold standard in correcting basically all skin concerns, but can be a little sensitizing for some folks at first. You really have to wear sunscreen when you use this and really any actives. Inkey and Shanni Darden are two that come to mind in different price ranges. 


So your routine would look like this: 

AM - cleanse with skinfix, sephora hya moisturizer, supergoop spf (you can put the inkey ceramide serum under the moisturizer if your skin feels dry or tight.) 

PM - oil cleanser (First aid beauty 2in1 cleanser is awesome!) to remove makeup and cleanse skin, retinol serum, inkey ceramide serum, sephora hya moisturizer. 


That probably seems like a lot of steps, but those are the four things I do with my clients all the time to turn things around. I tell all of them that its normal to see a purge at first. Push through and give it at least a month before you even start looking for improvement. Lots of folks can take months to notice a big change. ❤️ 


Acne is also a symptom more than a 'disease' and there may be more to investigate as far as a root cause goes. Let me know if I can answer questions! You got this!! 

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