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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

acne problems



I'm having blemishes and acne problems with my skin. recently, I've started using biotherm pure perfect skin cleansing gel, clarins skin toner (oily skin), caudalie fluid moisturiser and kate Somerville scar diminishing serum. but I've seen no improvement. I don't know how to gauge whether each product I've used is effective or not. but what I do notice is that my skin felt weird after using the toner and much more oilier after I've applied the moisturiser. and I've more breakouts now. is there any kits to recommend me? pls help Smiley Happy

Re: acne problems

I don't believe in kits. There's not one line that is going to suit all your needs.


Ditch the foaming cleanser. Try the Fresh Soy.

Use a toner with no alcohol. Try Mario Badescu glycolic


keep the caudalie and the kate

Re: acne problems

I recommend you start on a skin care routine that is made specifically for the treatment of acne. The Murad Acne Complex kit would be something great for you to look at. Just stick with it and don't mix any other products with it and she should start seeing improvement in about 4 weeks nothing works overnight. Hope this helps!

Re: acne problems

Another thing, why type of blemishes do you get? Red, raised, tender blemishes? White heads? Black heads? What products aside from face wash, toner, moisturizer, and the scar serum are you using to actually treat the blemishes themselves?

Re: acne problems

Don't know if this will help, but Kate Somerville's Eradikate has helped me with problem spots and blemishes. It dries it out and helps heal them also. 



Re: acne problems

I have super sensitive skin that will break out if I so much as put a cleanser on my skin that has oil in it.... and I've discovered that Peter Thomas Roth is amazing for me.  


Few points of advice - I agree with the other posters, you need to stick things out, and sometimes your skin gets worse before it gets better.


Also, pay attention to ingredients.  I don't use ANYTHING on my face that contains oil (even a cleanser).  If you have oily skin, you should stay far far away from a moisturizer that contains oil.  Also, some moisturizers may contain too much moisture for your skin even if they are oil free.  A proper moisturizer should never make you feel oily.


I also know that for me certain acne medications work better than others for my skin(sulfer based items are  amazing spot treatments, and I steer clear of anything with benzol peroxide since I don't like blue towels getting bleached, and its aimed at teenage acne).  


Pay attention to the ingredients going on your skin, and what the products are made for.  If you have oily skin, you should try to only use products made for your skin type. 


Also, over washing, over moisturizing, and under moisturizing can all lead to excess oil.  


Hope this all helps.

Re: acne problems

The girls below have brought up very key points!


Timing plays a role, on average it takes 4-6 weeks for results to show, even up to 8-12 weeks for full effects.


In regards to your acne and blemishes, what is the severity? Do you experience anywhere from 1-12 pimples a month or do you get anywhere from 12-15+ on average that also occur in multiples or clusters at one time? Pinpointing severity and true issue levels can lend a hand as to what products need to be used and the strength of them.


Aside from the blemishes, is oil a major issue? What exactly is your skin type? Is it genuinely more combination or all over oily?


The cleanser you're using claims to mattify with it's anti-shine features; however, since cleansers only do so much and work so hard, it's best to seek sources to tame shine via other methods rather than a product that only stays on skin for a max of one to two minutes then gets washed down the drain. Did you notice skin feeling more oily immediately after using the toner and fluid moisturizer (by the way, is it the mattifying version, Vinoperfect Broad Spectrum, or regular Vinoperfect fluid) or did it take some time before you felt like the oil came back quickly?


The Kate Somerville scar serum is meant to target texture and improving tone rather than pigmentation, so if you're looking for something to fade post acne marks then it won't brighten/lighten. The peptide complex in the formula combined with the microroller dispenser will help with improving the texture of skin as peptides help with evening the surface and the roller helps to provide a gentle massage to help break down hardened scar tissue.


There can be a number of reasons why your skin is feeling more oily than before, but give us some more details as far as specific products, the time frame at which you've been using these, and more info on your skin! Smiley Happy

Re: acne problems

How long have you actually used this regimen? I ask because sometimes it may get worse before it gets better. Even with something like the Murad kit (which I have tried with success in the past) it will give you a purging process. When I used the Murad kit, not only was my acne accentuated, but my skin was so oily. It might be because of the New York humidity, but I was so disciplied in sticking with the kit. I should also say that when I used the kit, Murad had not come up with the Oil Control Mattifier SPF 15 yet, so I didn't use sunscreen at the time for fear of sunscreen interfering with the effectiveness of the any new regimen. When you first start out with any new skincare routine, I would suggest leaving sunscreen out of the routine for the first few days until you see improvement. In the mean time, just cover up with a hat and sunglasses. I hope this helps and good luck!

Re: acne problems

Well the thing to remember is they don't work overnight. You need to give them time, 6 weeks at least. The Murad acne complex kit is what i highly recommend. I personally use it and my skin has greatly improved. I only like to give recommendations on things i have personally used and Murad is the only one i found to help. You might also want to look into the Murad Pure Skin supplements. They have great reviews and are a bit pricey but worth it if it works for you. I have bee using them for alittle under a month and am seeing less pimples coming up. But you need to give them a full 6 weeks at least to notice any difference. 

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