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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

acne marks

I have little dips in my skin from mild acne. It's not that bad but would really like to find something to even it out a bit more. The spots aren't really discolored they just dip in a little. Right now i own a clarisonic, have Derma Doctors Ain't Misbehavin face wash, and see a derm. My skin can be a bit sensitive and have found that anything from Philosophy or Bare Minerals gives me a horrible rash but have not had any other problems with any specific brands. I mainly looking for something I can apply or wash with that might help a bit, I would like if it was in the $50 range unless it's in a set but if it's really good I might spring for something more expensive. Thank You.

I have similar skincare issues, and I also use Dermadocto...

I have similar skincare issues, and I also use Dermadoctor's cleanser and the Clarisonic. For acne scars, I like using REN's Resurfacing AHA Concentrate. It works really well because it's light, not heavy. I've tried Mederma (made my skin peel). I've tried Bio-Oil with Vitamin E (made my skin oily and made my skin break out). Since REN is on the expensive side at $55, I would first ask for a sample and buy it on eBay for half the price. I hope this helps and good luck!

Try Bio-Oil (for scars and stretch marks). Sold at pharma...

Try Bio-Oil (for scars and stretch marks). Sold at pharmacies like CVS and Rite-Aid for around $20, I do the subscribe-and-save from Amazon for a little cheaper.


It's an oil, but once completely absorbed it leaves your face with a radiant glow and does not cause break-outs. I actually use it alone most days as a moisturizer, sometimes paired with an SPF. My fiance actually got me hooked on it, he uses it for a few acne scars he got from high school and it's really worked wonders. They're obviously not going to disappear, but over the 2-3 years he's used Bio-Oil already, I can tell a drastic difference.


Good luck!

I have the same isssue right now with acne marks :( I cur...

I have the same isssue right now with acne marks Smiley Sad I currently am using a "Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector" sample and its working! Its slowly fading away my acne dark spots. However if your spot is not that dark i highly suggest you ask for a sample as you do not need the whole tube. It works fast! Also, be sure to apply ONLY on the spot other wise you will start to see whitening on areas around the dark spot.



Hope this helps!

Try an enzyme mask or any treatment that encourages cell/...

Try an enzyme mask or any treatment that encourages cell/skin renewal/regeneration etc. I have a ho le from popping out a giant  hardened blackhead when I was a teen. It stayed like that through out the years, but got shallower and shallower when I started experimenting with enzyme masks, peels and stuff that help skin renewal.


ps. I have good experience with Ren and Origins, but my favorite Ren mask is discontinued, and I think Ole Henriksen have some good stuff, so check out those 3 brands.

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