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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

acne clearing/moisturizer!

 whats the vest moisturizer? i started using proactiv and it worksokay but it really drys out my skin and is really slow. im considering switching acne clearing products but idk what to switch to that will work in a little over 3 weeks cuz thats when school starts. oh and thanks to everyone who answered my last question! me and my mom are going make up shopping tomorrow!

The DDF sulfer mask has worked really well on acne for me...

The DDF sulfer mask has worked really well on acne for me.  I use it a couple of times a week and although its one of those masks that dries on your face, it doesn't dry out my skin and it actually leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth!  It can also be used as an overnight spot treatment, which is nice.  Another spot treatment that has worked well for me is the Burts Bees targeted spot treatment (I typically use this one during the day, under my moisturizer/foundation).


Sorry, I know that you were asking about cleanser and moisturizers for acne, but based on my experience, I haven't had that much luck with acne-specific cleansers or moisturizers, so I just use non-acne-specific products for those things.  For example, I really like Philosophy's Purity for a cleanser. 



I'm 22 and I have acne-prone skin, but I always stick wit...

I'm 22 and I have acne-prone skin, but I always stick with an oil-free moisturizer even though I have combination skin (dry patches around my mouth and oily everywhere else). The thing with a moisturizer and acne is that people seem to think that the moisturizer is supposed to clear or prevent acne, but the point of a moisturizer is to provide moisture. And even though it's "oil-free," it may not necessary make your face matte and not shiny. With an acne regimen, leave the treatment to the treatment step and the hydration part with the moisturizer. That's why if a moisturizer contains benzoyl peroxide or even salicylic acid, it's not going to work in the long run, because as time goes on, you're just drying out your skin and even oily skin types need hydration. For me, Murad's Skin Perfecting Lotion is always great. I don't use the rest of Murad's acne products anymore. I use Philosophy's On a Clear Day products, but I always stick with Murad for moisturizer. I hope this helps and good luck!

Hi, missylynn.  I would try the GoClear 3-Step Acne &...

Hi, missylynn.  I would try the GoClear 3-Step Acne & Blemish Regimen Kit.  It includes an acne-fighting moisturizer in the acne-fighting starter kit that targets persistent acne and/or the occasional breakout.  This easy-to-use kit will help nourish, correct and protect your skin and it includes—an exfoliating cleanser, a spot treatment and a UV-blocking moisturizer that deliver 30-days' worth of product for you to try and see how you like before spending the money on the full-sized products.  This system helps eliminate acne blemishes, unclogs pores and allows your skin to heal.  The advanced clarifying products feature maximum-strength salicylic acid (in quick- and extended-release forms), powerful anti-irritants and free-radical-fighting antioxidants.  GoClear is an exclusively acne-focused skincare line committed to creating products that work well for all types, ages and tones of skin, and are free of potentially irritating ingredients, which can cause post-treatment dark spots for acne sufferers.  The products in the 3-Step Acne & Blemish Regimen do not contain alcohol, propylene glycol, lanolin, PABA, or artificial dye or fragrance, and are all oil free and allergy tested.  GoClear does not formulate with benzoyl peroxide.  Research results from a clinical study of the GoClear Intensive Acne Treatment – Salicylic Acid 2% conducted on people of all skin tones showed:
- All panelists stated that the product was easy to use.
- 66% improvement in acne severity was achieved after just three weeks of use.
- By the end of the 6-week study 97% of all panelists had experienced a decrease in their total number of acne blemishes.
- All panelists stated that the Intensive Acne Treatment was easy to use.
You can find the kit here:

Hope this helps!
Have a great day!
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