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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Would clairasonic makes my acne worse?

I  have acnee prone skin since i was a teenager. I have heard about clairasonic? Is this product suitable for me. I've read people's reviews and they are saying its not suitable for acne prone skin because it makes the acne worse? What do you suggest

The Clarisonic line targets those who are acne prone, but...

The Clarisonic line targets those who are acne prone, but not those with sensitive skin. Since it is an exfoliating product it can irritate sensitive skin (with or with out acne) which can induce redness or worsen acne. If you have extremely sensitve skin this product might not be right for you.

I personally love Clarisonic, it works amazingly for me and cleared up my acne without causing dryness and such. It was an expensive buy but in my case it was definitely worth it.

I think it all boils down to whether or not you are willing to fork over a couple hundred in order to try it. If you feel $195 or more is out of your budget, you may want to look into Olay's Pro X cleaning system. It's a very similar product which is half the price ($23.99). I've heard it doesn't provide quite the same experience as the Clarisonic, but it works.


Hope this helps!


For most people it only makes the acne worse temporarily....

For most people it only makes the acne worse temporarily.   Even then it's not actually making your acne worse - it's purging your skin so the pimples that would've been popping up over the next few weeks are being forced to surface sooner making it look like your acne is worse.   Like another poster mentioned though, for people with very sensitive skin the Clarisonic may be too abrasive even when using the Delicate brush heads.  I wrote the following review for my Mia -


"The first week and half that I had this, I loved it. “I’ve never had so much fun washing my face!” For the next few weeks after that I was cursing it. It was like this thing came with a “Pimple Variety Pack”. I had little red bumps, whiteheads, and the big, painful cystic acne. Even after the acne cleared up I was dealing with bumpy, uneven skin on my cheeks. Adding regular exfoliation back into my routine has helped, but six weeks in I was still convinced that my skin was better before I bought this.
I’ve stuck with it for about 3 months now and I’m back to loving it. I still haven’t noticed any of the miracle improvements others have, but my skin is clear and smooth, and breakouts when I do get them, don’t seem to last as long."
Moral of the story is to "stick with it" (and don't start using it within a month or so of a big event like your wedding or something).  It took me almost 2 months to start liking the Mia.  Now 4 months in I should write another review because my skin is definitely smoother and line on my forehead is softened.

The Clarisonic is excellent for cleaning pores which in t...

The Clarisonic is excellent for cleaning pores which in theory should help clear your acne.  I bought it primarily to eliminate blackheads, which it has done.  You might want to try the delicate brush and slowly incorporate it into your routine.  It has been well worth the investment for me.

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