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Worst breakout stories

Hey ladies,

About 2 months ago I had the worst breakout ever from my Givenchy Foundation. So many little pimples and those little suckers took forever to get rid of. I was on the brink of tears! I eventually gave up and stopped using stuff and they magically went away after 2 terrible weeks. I was wondering if any of you ladies had a terrible breakout, what product broke you out, & what made them go away.




Re: Worst breakout stories

I can't remember what the foundation was.... but I had to have been allergic to something in it. It was awful! I got huge itchy hives around my face, it dried me out hardcore, and I got really bad breakouts on my cheeks. I couldn't touch my face for like... a month because it hurt. I also hod a horrible reaction to proactiv in which it burned my face off and even made it bleed


..... not cool. That's why I'm like this Clarisonic purge phase is like a cute little puppy compared to that. 


Smiley Tongue

Re: Worst breakout stories

I had 2 horrible breakouts of cystic acne from Seasonique. One in mid-June and the other mid-September, I think. I'm not really good with dates.


For the first one, time and the PTR Sulfur mask took it away. The second one, time and Stridex pads helped with the congestion. It ended up going away on its own. Smiley Sad


I think what ultimately prevented a third breakout was changing my birth control from Seasonique to Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo. I also adopted a more natural skin care routine. So right now, I have clear skin, and I'm extremely paranoid of breaking out again!


Benetint gave me annoying cysts on my cheeks once though! UGH! MUFE HD gave me little bumps on the tops of my cheekbones under my eyes.. the place where you don't even get pimples!! Eek!

Re: Worst breakout stories

oh my fudge! is that the scrumptious "supernatural" hottie?

Re: Worst breakout stories

Jensen!!! *swoons* He's so yummy.

Re: Worst breakout stories

YES! omg, he's adorable!

Re: Worst breakout stories


Re: Worst breakout stories

I occasionally get hormonal cystic acne on my chin or jawline.  Once I had two giant cysts right at the edge of my chin and it looked like I had a cleft chin.  Sulphur treatments and mud masks can speed healing but cysts take days to heal completely no matter what.  It's been a couple of years and I still can't laugh about it.

Re: Worst breakout stories

the stila color correcting primer left me with breakouts it took months to fix ughh i was so mad

Re: Worst breakout stories

I sampled the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish and some Clinique Acne Gel on my chin at the same time. I had 2 very small breakouts on my chin at the time (I didn't realize they were from the Liz Earle), so I tried out the Clinique to get rid of them. Well, my chin exploded in horrible cystic bumps and whiteheads. I've been battling with it for the past 6 months, and I think *fingers crossed* I have finally cleared up the area. All I have know is some scarring, but that will fade over time. I've spent so much money on skincare products over the past 6 months, it's nauseating, and it was so frustrating when I thought something may be working, only for a new bump to form. I'm praying to the high heavens that I've actually sorted it out this time!

Re: Worst breakout stories

One of Hourglass's liquid foundations broke my entire face out in hives and I had a rash for a solid two weeks. The best part is that when that happens, you're not supposed to put makeup over the rash - so out you go with a rashy face. 


I swatched (and wore for a few hours) some YSL foundation for my blog two months ago. I _still_ have a rash on my arm that my derm says should go away "soon" but to give it time. 

Re: Worst breakout stories

I had the same reaction to one of Hourglass's foundations! Smiley Sad

Re: Worst breakout stories

One night I was getting ready to go out, and I was doing my Make up as usual. I felt like my face was itchy so I went to look in the  mirror, and I had hives all around my eyes and cheeks. ! I think it was my make up brushes I went and bought new synthetic brushes and it hasn't happened sense, 

Re: Worst breakout stories

It was hormonal, cystic acne on my chin and jawline that appeared overnight. They were HUGE and painful and i scheduled an emergency visit to my derm and BEGGED for accutane. Thankfully they placed me on doxy. I still suffer from 1 or 2 here and there and will be getting on spiro soon!!

Re: Worst breakout stories

My face currently looks like the moon's surface T_T


I haven't used anything different lately that I can think of so I can't figure out which one was the culprit... I'm thinking maybe it's just the temperature going back to normal (Florida and all, heat and oily faces gallore), or maybe I'm just stressed out... I hate it.tumblr_mb4ph0l93x1rziwwco1_500.gif



Re: Worst breakout stories

You know what's coming... 



Re: Worst breakout stories

We can all just cry and hug it out.


Re: Worst breakout stories

Thank you both.



Re: Worst breakout stories

This is me! I have 3 huge whoppers on the left side of my face and a few smaller on my forehead. Usually I never break out and then wham here I am. 


I think Ive narrowed it down to 2 the antibiotics my doctor gave me for a sinus infection I had last week, or boscia's tsubaki (sp) oil that I got a sample of and tried out. 


I stopped the oil, and today was the last antibiotic dose, so hopefully things clear up! 

Re: Worst breakout stories

I rarely get breakouts, but when I first tried MAC's Studio Fix Fluid it broke me out really bad. It was small cystic acne all over for about 3 weeks. I started exfoliating every other day and that helped them go away. 


Right now I think I have hormonal acne going on or something, I turn 25 in about a week and this little breakout spell has been going on for about 3 weeks, omg they will leave for like 2 days and then BAM next day I have little whiteheads and sore pimples.. ugh

Re: Worst breakout stories

My worst break out in 5 years started in December and is still going :/ When I was pretty young (like 9 or 10) I developed stubborn cystic acne that got better when I started depo provera for migraines at 15. By ninteen I had clear skin since I figured out natural products work best for me. But I decided to switch birth controls because I'm concerned about low bone density and I can't start Seasonique until I get my period...I've been off the depo since November. I have cysts all over my jaw line and tiny mystery bumps everywhere Smiley Sad


Mario Badescu's drying cream and buffering lotion are helping a lot and I'm also loving my mud facial exfoliater by Ahava. I just hope my skin stops freaking out when I start seasonique.

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