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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Will Boscia Clear Complexion products really work for me?

I have oily, sensitive, acne prone skin. I've had success with Proactive in the past but I've had hormonal acne for almost three months now at age 20, and Proactive has done nothing to help at all! I'm interested in the Boscia Clear Complexion line and have read good things about it, but I'm wondering if it will really be good for me? It's not too costly of an investment if it doesn't end up working, but I'm wondering if it would be good to try!

Re: Will Boscia Clear Complexion products really work for me?

Personally it's very hard to say if the Boscia would work or not but it sounds like your need something a little stronger than the Boscia. Look into the Murad Acne Complex kit. I think you would have much better results with that. Hope this helps!

Re: Will Boscia Clear Complexion products really work for me?

I have the exact same problem that you are having... I used Proactiv for years and in the last year or so that I used it, it just totally stopped working for me.. I gave the Boscia line a try, and though I am oily like you are, it completely dried out my skin and I unfortunately still had acne. Everyone's skin is different, so that line might work wonders for you while it did nothing for me, but I would suggest going to see a dermatologist before you make any decisions, as they can better assess your situation! Hope this helps!

Re: Will Boscia Clear Complexion products really work for me?

Hormonal acne is almost in a whole different ball park than regular acne as it deals with actual chemical imbalances in your body that end up causing break outs as opposed to being rooted solely in just more surface or basic factors such as oil and sebum as well as environmental factors such as pollutants, bacteria, and debris.


Proactive relies on a combination of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide to tackle the issue of acne, BP introduces oxygen into pores to soothe red/inflammed blemishes as well as helps clear clogged pores easier while SA helps to rid skin of bacteria that can linger and get lodged in pores and helps to remove dead and excess surface skin cells from building up and enhancing blemished areas while boosting production of healthier cells to replace what its removing.


Granted SA and BP are two of the most common acne fighting ingredients on the market, but as they're introduced topically into skin, they're not going to be the best defense in warding off hormonal acne because that comes from internal causes.


The Boscia Clear Complexion line relies mainly on willow bark/willow herb, which is a natural source of salicylic acid and jojoba leaf extract, which is very conditioning on the skin and also helps to nourish so you're not overwhelming skin with harsh chemicals or ingredients. The products in the CC line itself, along with the entire brand, is very botanical based, making it very suitable for sensitive skin as they also don't rely on synthetic fragrances or colors and leave out preservatives (not just parabens).


Boscia does offer a CC kit which offers a sampling of products which are targeted toward acne prone skin, they also have their Black kit which is geared more toward oily skin and enlarged pores. Going for a kit is a smart investment so you can try out items and not have to break the bank. You might also consider going to the doctor or a dermatologist to check out the specifics of the hormonal imbalance and see if there are any prescriptions that can better help and even work with topical acne products.



Re: Will Boscia Clear Complexion products really work for me?

Hey! Wether or not something works for your skin is always a hard question to answer, because no one truly knows how your skin will react to anything!  But, based off of what you described you struggle with, and so long as you don't have any allergic reactions to anything within those products,  the products you picked are excellent! Boscia is a great line for those with sensitive skin! You can always get samples, and Sephora has a great return/exchange policy in place as well, so if it doesn't work for you then you have options!  I also would look into the murad line for acne!


Good luck!

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