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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Why does all makeup make me break out?

Hi all, I'm 19. It seems if I go for a week without using makeup, my skin looks nice and smooth. But after even one day wearing it, I break out, and I'm talking painful bumps not small whiteheads. This happens with any and all makeup. I use Hourglass' Mineral Veil Primer and Urban Decay Surreal Skin Mineral Powder, in order to try to minimize the acne, because if I use anything with chemicals like MUFE, Dior, Lancome, or Mac, it is worse. I do use the Proactiv System, and exfoliate a couple times a week with a Philosophy wash. Like I said, they work so long as I don't use makeup :-( But simply abstaining from it is not an option for me. Has anyone had the same problem or has any recommendations for makeup or a skincare line? Much appreciated, thank you.

I have a daughter your age and she had the same issue. I...

I have a daughter your age and she had the same issue. I bought her the oil-free Lorac foundation and she loves it. I would recommend giving it a try! Good luck =)

Hi Ohmyjess,   I am sorry to hear that you are breaking o...

Hi Ohmyjess,


I am sorry to hear that you are breaking out from all those foundations! Part of the reason might be that your cleanser is not removing all of the make up. I would use the Josie Maran Bear Naked Wipes to take off the foundation before you wash your face.


Bear Naked Wipes

I would suggest using a foundation that is oil free because it is good for acne prone skin.  I really like the Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup because it has acne killing ingredients in it and provides a medium buildable coverage.


Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup


I would also recommend maybe changing your skincare routine.  I would suggest the Murad Acne Rapid Response Kit. You might find better results with it. I hope this suggestion is helpful.Smiley Happy


Acne Rapid Response Set ($41 Value)


<3 Melissa

I don't think you need a skincare line IF Proactive and P...

I don't think you need a skincare line IF Proactive and Philosophy is working for you. I would look for a foundation that doesn't contain bismuth or cornstarch. Bismuth may cause itchiness and cornstarch can harbor bacteria when you get your face damp. I would avoid Nars and Bare Minerals because Nars is known to break people out and some of Bare Minerals foundations have bismuth and/or cornstarch. I would try Everyday Minerals or even Pur Minerals. I use the original GLo base, but depending on your skin type, you can try also matte or semi-matte. I hope this helps and good luck!

<p> The short of it is, try Clinique acne solutions...

The short of it is, try Clinique acne solutions foundation & change up your skin regimen by adding a Clarisonic & using only one cleanser with limited treatment products.<br>

Acne is very common but still very complex. If you have a lot of issues with breakout, then you have to be very careful about what you put on your skin. Your dilemma should be pretty easy to fix with a couple of minor adjustments.<br>

Acne is largely an inflammatory skin condition. A lot of times certain oils, chemicals, and fragrances can aggravate this further.
I would suggest trying an oil free light-moderate coverage foundation without a primer. I know a lot of women may disagree that you should stop using the primer...but just as an experiment, try it out.
I'm suggesting this because I notice an increase in breakouts when I use a primer with foundation...even if it is oil free. If you are having issues with your makeup staying on throughout the day, there are acne-friendly alternatives for extending makeup wear.  <br>

You said that foundations with chemicals will beak you out. The brands that you mentioned have a lot of different types of ingredients in them...unless you are having sensitivity as a reaction such as rash, heat, itching, burning and so forth, then there may be another culprit. I only throw that out there because it will make your foundation quest much easier if you can use things other than mineral powder. I would suggest that you try the Clinique acne solutions foundation. It is allergy tested, fragrance free, oil free, nonacnegenic. It has moderate to full coverage with a little bit of oil control. It also has salicylic acid so it helps to clear while it covers. <br>

Skin Care Options:


1. See a dermatologist. If you have acne on the chin area or get cystic blemishes, it is time to see a dermatologist. There is nothing that you can get over the counter that will be as good as a prescription. End of story. If you are investing in proactiv & purity, then you may as well go see a dermatologist if you have insurance. Your skin will clear up and will be less prone to breaking out anytime you put something on your face. 


2. Use a clarisonic as your exfoliation: Exfoliation is very important for acne prone skin, but finding the right type of exfoliation can be challenging. I will say that when I had bad breakout I tried everything from Clinique to Chanel & nothing worked for me except the Clarisonic. It was suggested to me by my dermatologist. it is an amazing product and I have yet to see something that delivers comparable results. It will eliminate the need for a separate makeup remover, cleanser, & exfoliator. You would just use a gentle oil free cleanser, Clarisonic, & oil free moisturizer with spot treatment. Done.


3. Try Clinique's Acne Solutions Clearing Skin System: Clinique pride's itself on being your last stop before the dermatologist. Their acne line is different from ProActiv in that it has better exfoliation, is allergy tested, fragrance free, & also contains anti irritants which help to calm down the irritation & inflammation associated with acne. This means faster results. Like proactiv, you will still need a separate makeup remover. A lot of times a cleanser may say that it removes makeup, dirt, and oil from skin, but if you go over your skin with a toner you will notice that you are still pulling off makeup. Not getting your face adequately cleansed of all makeup before bed can increase breakouts. The Clinique rinse off foaming cleanser is an excellent makeup remover because it truly dissolves even the heaviest makeups.


One of the primary factors in determining how your makeup...

One of the primary factors in determining how your makeup will respond to your skin is how you remove it.  Painful bumps indicate irritation and inflammation, so I would suspect that either your makeup's not coming off entirely with your current cleanser or that you're having to use excessive amounts of friction to get it off.  Furthermore, since you're using ProActiv, it's also possible that the medication in the cleanser isn't coming into contact with your skin directly because it's coated in a layer of makeup. 


I used to have chronic redness issues as well as breakouts when I used makeup remover wipes or regular face wash.  It always felt like I had to fight my skin to remove my makeup, and it was never pretty.  I started using an oil cleanser before my face wash, and my skin's now clear with no redness.  I was scared to try them because I thought it would make me oilier, but truthfully there's no other way to completely remove things like silicones, pigments, and other ingredients in makeup.  They're not water-soluble.  Make sure the cleanser rinses completely clean with no residue, and it shouldn't do anything but make your life easier.  I really like Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm, but I've used Laura Mercier, Lancome, and YSL in the past.  Once your makeup's completely off your face, ProActiv can do it's job and remove any last traces without you having to rub at your face more than you need to.


If that doesn't help, you may want to consider using products that don't contain fragrances or mica, which sometimes irritate the follicles.  Antibacterial brushes can also keep breakouts under control. Also be sure you're always applying makeup to clean skin and that all traces of cleanser have been rinsed from the skin.  (They can often get trapped where they become comedogenic.)

You've received a lot of conflicting advice here.  My opi...

You've received a lot of conflicting advice here.  My opinion is that you should not change your cleanser because if you do not break out unless you add makeup then it's not necessary to make a change.  I personally use a Clarisonic and it replaces the need for additional exfoliation.  I certainly would not add oil to your cleansing routine when treating acne; the Proactiv products you are using are sufficient to remove makeup.  My skin reacts to liquid foundations.  I have used bare minerals for about 10 years and I do not have any problems with it.  The matte version does not contain bismuth.  I think if you look for makeup products with no or very few additives it may be helpful to you.  Additionally I would not add more products to the Proactiv line. 

Re: Why does all makeup make me break out?

I have had this problem with most foundations that I used in the past. I have done some research and will be trying a clinique foundation routine I will be using their even better line. If I wash my face twice a day I am able to apply some tinted moisturizers without a problem but have broken out from lóreal, nars, CoverGirl, bareMinerals and Rimmel foundations. I have learned that clinique is usually a good brand to avoid a pimple outbreak but of course I have learned that wearing foundation every day is not an option for me. Although I do use concealer and eye makeup I do not put my face through the trauma of wearing foundation daily I use it on average 1-2 days a week and only use it for up to 5 hours. So usually date nights or bbq's - something like that. 

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