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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Which Clarisonic should I get???

I have NEVER had a Clarisonic and would like to purchase one. Which would be the best for me to get. Sets are great to recommend too. I have a low amount of acne with MANY blackheads on my nose. No sensitivity.  


Re: Which Clarisonic should I get???

They don't have many good sets out right now. I've seen much better ones that would be good for your skin type. You could try the Mia or Mia 2 deep pore set if you don't want to wait for a better one. I have the Mia and I love it and the deep pore brush is my favorite, but I've never used the cleanser. There's also a Mia 2 acne set that comes with the acne cleanser and acne brush head. This has salicylic acid in it which will help with the blackheads. If I were you, I would wait a little bit and see if a better one comes out. They usually make some good kits with a wider range of products to help with certain skin concerns 

Re: Which Clarisonic should I get???

Hey msperfect! 

I got my Clarisonic Aria a couple of weeks ago and I love it! However, I think a Mia2 would be just as great. I got the Aria for the drying stand and the color/cute Josie Maran extras and b/c at the time, it was only $25 more than the Mia2. I like the option b/w the Universal speed and the Delicate speed, so for that reason, the Mia2 is worth it. The Hollywood Lights Mia2 is a good buy - mostly b/c you get an extra brush head with it!! That's totally worth it, IMO. Brushheads are worth $25, so the Hollywood Lights set is like buying a regular Mia and a brush head, which you'll need eventually....but instead you get a Mia2!

Re: Which Clarisonic should I get???

If you want to use on your body, the body head only fits the plus.


Check out clarisonic DOT com there is a comparison chart of all the models. Mia2 is the most popular.


I have the plus and like it. I would shop around for sets, I ended up getting mine from a department store as the set fit me better.

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