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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

What's the deal with peels?

I'm sorry that I'm not sorry about that pun! Smiley Tongue


Anyway, I've been browsing through the forums regarding acne scarring. I've got some similar scarring on my face and I wonder if using a peel or something similar would help?


What do peels do, exactly? What steps would I need to take to heal my skin completely? Anyone have any experience with this stuff? Brand recommendations?


I know it'll take awhile to heal, but I wanna know that I'm heading in the right direction!



Re: What's the deal with peels?

Peels basically help lift dead skin cells away and stimulate new cell turnover. That's not to say it actually causes new skin cells to regenerate faster or anything (only some laser treatments and chemical injections can do that), but it does slough off the top layer of your skin. That's why after you use some peels, you'll notice slight flaking of your skin, which can also cause sensitivity. Because scarring is just heavy pigmentation, as dead skin cells get sloughed off, you'll eventually see less gathering of color and eventually your skin will return to its normal uniform color. 


I have pretty severe acne scars, and yes, peels do help, although the ones on the market are usually for commercial use and don't work that quickly. It takes anywhere from three-six months for me to see a difference, but like you said, at least it's in the right direction. (: I use a combination of peels and exfoliators to get rid of the dead skin that starts to peel after I use the peels. 


Some products I recommend are:


Kate Somerville Exfolikate: this stuff is really amazing, but it does leave your skin a little red and sensitive (it says for a hour or so afterwards, but I find that my skin is usually red for a day or two). What it does is use acid to chemically peel away the top layer of your skin, while exfoliating beads help lift them away. But if you use this, be SURE to read the directions and don't leave it on for too long. 


Cure Aqua Gel: this isn't sold at Sephora and it's a Japanese product, but it's an amazingly gentle exfoliator that helps lift away dead skin cells. You want to be sure to read the directions on this too, as it needs to be used on a clean, dry face for it to work effectively. 


By the way, you should definitely remember to use SPF when going outside if you're going to use a peel because your skin can be especially sensitive to sun damage afterwards. Hope this helped. (:

Re: What's the deal with peels?

Oh also, once you do use peels and exfoliators, serums and other treatments that you might be using to target the dark spots will sink in much more effectively, which will speed up the process overall. (: I haven't found a scarring treatment that's made a significant difference yet, but hopefully I will in the future!

Re: What's the deal with peels?

Thank you so much for your detailed answer! It's given me a lot of insight into peels, I will check out the brands you mentioned. 


In regard to the Cure Aqua Gel, I've heard very good things about it! 


So the peels won't damage or cause any further scarring, right? Sigh, acne scars are such a drag... Smiley Sad

Re: What's the deal with peels?

They totally are! ): But good thing nowadays we do have treatments and products now. ^___^ Can you imagine a hundred years ago when they didn't?! We're definitely lucky. (:


As for further scarring, most peels and exfoliators won't if you don't overuse them. I wouldn't use anything categorized as either every single day because then your skin doesn't have enough turnover time. And I also wouldn't use anything with really large and rough exfoliating beads in it, such as the St. Ives Apricot Scrub.. that stuff is horrid and can cause microtears in your skin. For the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate, I would stick to max two times a week because it can cause redness and since it does use acid to kind of "dissolve" away the top layer of your skin, you will experience some sensitivity if you overuse. Plus when you're using circular motions to rub it in, don't press down too hard (this goes for anything with exfoliating beads in it). Cure Aqua Gel works solely with the top layer of your skin, so it shouldn't cause you any problems and it's very gentle. 

Re: What's the deal with peels?

Haha, we're very lucky! Smiley Happy


Ahh, I understand. My current regimen involved this Yes To Tomatoes Pore Scrub... I feel like after I started using it once a week rather than everyday my skin got a little better.


Once again, THANK YOU! You've been so helpful! I've got steps to use the peels, and extra tips too! Smiley Very Happy

Re: What's the deal with peels?

No problem dear! I hope everything works out for you! ^____^

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