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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

What product would be good for a 23 year old male suffering from painful face and back acne?

My 23 year old brother has been getting painful, sometime cystic acne for a several years and nothing he has tried works very well. His doctor has given him antibiotics I think and he has tried a ton of over the counter drugstore stuff.....any ideas?

For really painful cystic acne, I definitely suggest visi...

For really painful cystic acne, I definitely suggest visiting the dermatologist and asking if a prescription for tretinoin (Retin-A) or isotretinoin (much stronger than tretinoin) is right for him. Both of these are highly effective for many people, but you absolutely need to consult a dermatologist first. He/she will know the best route for your brother. Cystic acne is a tough one to really solve with any longevity, unless you're following a treatment plan with really effective products, so go to the specialist, I say.

I fully second honeylemongirl's advice -- for cystic acne...

I fully second honeylemongirl's advice -- for cystic acne, or persistent acne in general, treatment is best left to the professionals. You mentioned that he has tried many over the counter treatments -- in the long run, if it's an option for him to see a dermatologist, it will save him time and money (and save his skin the stress of trying different products).


: )

I am 21 and when I was 16 I suffered from severe (cystic)...

I am 21 and when I was 16 I suffered from severe (cystic) acne. I can honestly say I have tried EVERY product out there that is offered over the counter. To be honest, I agree with the first couple reviews, that the best thing he can do is go to see a dermatologist. 

Something that could possible help him, that I have found really helps with my cystic acne (that I sometimes still get on occasion) is Kate Somerville's Anti-Bac lotion (you can find this at Sephora) and it really is gentle, yet very intense and it really does help with acne. Cystic acne is really painful, it hurts, and the Anti-Bac lotion really soothed my blemishes. But your brother might have to go on medication, like I did, which tremendously helps! I hope this helps and I hope your brother finds something that works for him! 

I think he should keep a food journal. Talking with a lot of people and reading a lot of sites helped me realize that my cystic acne and body acne was totally caused by my body rejecting a certain food I was eating. For me it's soy. Getting rid of all soy cleared up everything - well that and using hypoallergenic products like Dove soap.


The Clarisonic brush is also pretty amazing for keeping skin clear. Tea tree oil is great against cystic acne for me - I used it to heal and it really brought it all down within a matter of days. Get 100% tea tree oil, put a few drops of it on a damp cotton ball and apply to the skin. Maybe do this overnight since the stuff has a strong smell. 


Seriously, if he's got money he could get an allergy skin test or he could do what I did. I wrote what I ate and what products I used every day for a month or so and eventually I did an elimination diet which is how I discovered that my body thinks soy is bacteria that it must push out through my skin. Crazy. Good luck to him.

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