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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

What is the best GLAMGLOW cleanser for acne?

I've been using the GLAMGLOW Supermud; I've noticed that it's been reducing the amount of breakouts I get and my skin is smoother. I use it after using the Clinique Acne Solutions cleanser and lotion, but I don't find it to be doing much for my skin. I want to give my acne an extra kick. What would be the best GLAMGLOW Cleanser to achieve this?

Re: What is the best GLAMGLOW cleanser for acne?

Supercleanse will definitely help with acne. I use both the cleanser and mask in the "super" line and I find them to be slightly drying so I add in a heavy duty moisturizer and also a moisturizing mask. You definitely need to add in a good moisturizer. I like Glamglow Thirstymud, Origins Drink Up Overnight Mask, and Origins Night-A-Mins.

Re: What is the best GLAMGLOW cleanser for acne?

Feeling a product is not necessarily better for the skin. That could lead to over kill, extreme dryness, irritation could look like more acne. Clinique and Glamglow are drying to beginning with. I would add in moisture. Less is more with treating acne, in terms of products/how often used etc.


How long have you been using the current products?

Re: What is the best GLAMGLOW cleanser for acne?

I've been using the Clinique Acne Solutions line for just over a month, I would say. The Supermud I only just started using last week.


I'm having a hard time finding a cleanser to keep my acne at bay. My skin is always very red because of my breakouts, and I've tried a lot of different cleansers and nothing seems to help.

Re: What is the best GLAMGLOW cleanser for acne?

Personally, I don't expect my cleanser to be the key thing that helps with the situation you're describing. For me, the role of my cleanser is to get my skin thoroughly clean without over drying it or stripping it.  I use more of my topical treatments and oral prescriptions to actually fight the acne.  And my lotions and serums are about balancing out the dryness and dealing with anti-aging.  I'll also throw my hat in the ring for seeing a derm and getting a RX.  I didn't have much luck until I stopped trying to use OTC products to treat my acne and used a prescription instead.  I think my skin just responds much, much better to the ingredients in my medication than it did to the active ingredients in most OTC products.  OTC products always seemed to over dry and irritate my skin without much, if any, really improvement in my acne.  If anything it might improve for a little while in the beginning and then before too long it was back with a vengeance.  If anything if you do go the route of all OTC products I think you have to look at all of your products closely to make sure you aren't just overdoing it on the same active ingredients in each one (like Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid).  It's kind of like taking care of a plant.  Some water and fertilizer is better, but only up to a point.

Re: What is the best GLAMGLOW cleanser for acne?

Ok. Are you using all the products twice a day or how often?


Acne cleansers are typically more dryng than helpful, as the ingredients don't stay on the skin long enough to get deep down. Clinique is harsh.


Since of the redness, I would opt for a gentle, basic cleanser, possibly even one to calm the skin like Origins mega mushrooom. When the skin is dried out or harmed it goes into protection mode, more acne-like bumps can appear, redness can be a sign also. Calming the skin will help acne to lessen..yes it can take time, but overusing products will only make things worse, and not speed up results.


I'm acne prone and typically use philosophy purity made simple, a rx, and moisturizer. That's it, acne is much, much better.

Re: What is the best GLAMGLOW cleanser for acne?

I use the Clinique 3 Step Acne Solutions kit everyday, twice a day (except for step 3; I only use at night).

I've been using the Supermud about 3 times a week since I've purchased it.


I'm a bit hesitant about the Purity Made Simple. I see that it has a few oils in the ingredients. I'm worried it would make me break out.

Re: What is the best GLAMGLOW cleanser for acne?

Since step 3 moisturizer is only at night, are you using anything during the day?


For me, using twice a day, every day is too much. If I don't feel grimmy in the morning, I just wash with water. Then use the leave on treatment (1xday, every other day), then moisturizer/spf. This gives the skin a chance to rest and not dry out .


Sephora will make a sample of everything in store, nice way to try different cleansers. Purity has been fine for me, but of course everyone's skin is different. There is a Sephora Favorites set now that you can customize cleanser samples.

Re: What is the best GLAMGLOW cleanser for acne?

Yes, I use a moisturizer with an SPF in it during the day.

I will have to stop by Sephora soon and get some samples.


Thank you for the help!

Re: What is the best GLAMGLOW cleanser for acne?

Glad there's moisturizer in the mix. 


You're welcome.

Re: What is the best GLAMGLOW cleanser for acne?

I rotate between three Glamglow Cleansers - the Supermud (white bottle), Youth Mud (black bottle) and Thirsty (blue bottle). I only use the Supermud 2-3 times a week. A lot of people find it very drying, but I haven't had any problems with this - however, I also use a face oil after cleansing to add the moisture back. If you really over-dry your skin, the skin's surface ends up with tiny cracks and breaks that you can't see, and if bacteria gets in there, up pops more acne. As long as you're not overdrying though, you should be fine. 


You can buy the SuperCleanse and add it into your routine slowly to make sure you skin is able to adjust to it. The Supercleanse is like a less extreme version of the mask - it's black, smells the same and is a lighter texture than the mask. I usually put it on and then wait a few minutes (brush my teeth etc) and I feel like it gives me a mini-mask treatment. Then you can lather it up and wash it off. 


I like all three Glamglow Cleansers that I have and will buy them again once I've run out - my skin does really well on them. The Supercleanse is the most intense one though, so if your skin is responding well to the mask and you want to integrate this into your routine on a more regular basis, I'd buy that one and start slowly (every other day or every second day etc) so that your skin has time to adjust to it.


If you're concerned about it being too much, you might want to consider YouthCleanse (slightly exfoliating, although not extremely so, and gentler than SuperCleanse). Thirstymud is more on the hydrating side, but you can probably skip this one if you're looking for something for acne and deep cleansing.

Re: What is the best GLAMGLOW cleanser for acne?

It sounds like you are trying to over dry your skin.  Stripping your skin will not help with your acne, it's going to make things worse.  Try something more gentle like Origins Checks and Balances or Ole Henriksen Aloe Vera, they are both cleansing and good for and but not as stripping.  The Glamglow Supercleanse will strip your skin so badly you will start having more problems.


And I would stay away from Glamglow Supermud, it's good as a spot treatment but if you want something all over try Origins 10 Minute Rescue.  Trust me, you are going about things the wrong way.  Try and be more gentle on your skin.

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