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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

What is a good product in general for break outs?

I use to have great skin but maybe a year ago I developed a problem with cystic acne and I think it was BC related but I've been long off of that and my face does not break out as bad but I still do get breakouts more than I use to and I have some acne scars. I have combination skin and it is more normal than dry but I do get dry spots occasionally. I'm very on top of my face care so I don't know if my skin has gotten use to my cleanser I use now maybe? I was hoping to see if anyone would recommend a great cleanser or even a lotion? I can't honestly call my skin bad BUT when I break out I do break out. I've looked at the Kate Somerville Eradicate Acne spot treatment with the sulfur in the bottle but read it can dry out your skin but would that possibly be something good to try? Anything to get my skin nice again and I do use a pore minimizer and I do have a Glamglow mask. Both work but I'm hoping for something a little more. 

Re: What is a good product in general for break outs?

As I got older (late 20's early 30's) I started dealing less with whiteheads and more with cystic acne. (I had gone off BC around this time as well.)  Are the cysts typically on your chin and jawline and around "that time of the month"?  If so, I definitely recommend seeing a dermatologist.  This is hormonal and doesn't respond well to topical treatments.  I used Eradikate spot treatment for months with decent results (cleared most cysts in a day or two as long as I used it as soon as I felt a cyst forming).  It did dry out that area but I felt it was worth it for such a shortened healing period.  Then all of the sudden it stopped working...  (After some research it seems that's not uncommon with sulfur products.)

My derm confirmed hormonal cystic acne and prescribed Spironolactone. It takes several months to see results but now I get one cyst every six months or so whereas I was getting one or two every month.  I won't go into a longer spiel here about my experience with cysts and Spiro, but if you have questions feel free to PM me.


Re: What is a good product in general for break outs?

Typical OTC acne ingredients are going to dry the skin, when used all over, in excess, etc. A spot treatment shouldn't dry out your entire face.


Haven't used Kate's but Mario Badescu makes the same thing and cheaper. You can get tailored, to your skin, made samples directly from MB. Click consultation on their direct site. MB products are gentler, but work.

OTC treatments don't work for me, so not going to recommend. 


Have you seen a derm since going off BC?


What's your current skincare routine?

Re: What is a good product in general for break outs?

Currently I wash my face daily with a cleanser and fresh clothes and towels, twice a week I will use a microdermabrasion and a pore minimizer lotion that comes with it and I use a different cleanser those days thats more simple. My normal cleanser is made for breakouts and I do feel its made a difference I'm just still breaking out. I try using masks maybe once a week or every other week like the GlamGlow mud mask and if I ever have any peel off masks. I haven't been since I got off BC since at first I figured my face would slowly clear up again and it hasn't really. I'm sure they could prescribe me something to clean my face with but I wanted to see if there was an easier solution.
I'll deff have to look into the MB products too!
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